Jul 25, 2013

update: flower beds
...and more

the end of summer is looming -- have you seen all the back-to-school supplies in stores already?? -- and i wanted to give an update on how our front yard flower bed is doing.

we fish finally mulched. thanks to all who suggested it -- it really does finish the bed off. we bought large nuggets so it would be harder for birds to steal nesting material.

here's what the bed looked like a few months ago,
after planting and before mulching...

...and here it is now...after the hostas have taken over:
holy hostas.

i have to admit, hostas are not my favorite. but they were already there from the previous homeowner, so we just left them. next year, i want to take some most all of them out and perhaps replace with more...





i'm crazy about all of those.

...and actually, i will admit the flowering part of hostas is rather pretty.
it's just the big, bunchy, frumpy, leafy base that turns me off. don't get me wrong, i like greenery. but not in a 500,000:1 leaf-to-flower ratio.

in semi-related news, the ivy is growing in nice and dense on the side of our house. 
i know ivy is bad for brick...but it adds so much to our curb appeal. we're definitely going to try to control it, without eradicating it completely. any tips?

to the backyard: in addition to mulching, we fish also added cedar edging to the new flower bed behind the sunroom (first mentioned briefly here)
see what i mean about the big, bunchy hostas taking over??

the clearance knockout rose bushes are doing quite well:
i'd say we're getting our $3 worth of beauty from them. and hopefully they'll come back even bigger and prettier next year.

fish also added cedar edging around the veggie garden containers in the way-back-yard to separate the mulch and the dirt soon-to-be lush patch of grass.

what you can't see in that shot: the squillions of tomatoes we already have. they haven't ripened all the way yet but...what are we going to do with all of them??? tomato recipes needed stat!

finally, the sunflower seeds fish and K planted along the back fence months ago suddenly sprouted up and bloomed! i'd nearly forgotten about them.
take no notice of our still-barren stella cherry tree. :(

i never thought much about sunflowers (which is odd because i love the color yellow), but i have to admit they are impressive. look!
how cool...

this one is as big as my hand!

how are your flower beds coming along??
anyone need some hostas...or tomatoes?? ;)

* mari


  1. Can those tomatos! Sounds like a good project to me :)

    And I actually really like the hostas - apparently I like overwhelming amounts of green leaves!


    1. oh LORD, come take all of ours please!!!! :)

    2. Can't imagine choosing hideous bark nuggets for mulch in order to deprive birds from nesting material.


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