Jul 23, 2013

thrifted trinket dishes
become succulent pots

what to do when one has an overwhelming urge to buy every cute little trinket bowl she runs across?

repurpose them into succulent and air plant pots, of course!

the fun part: thrifting for bowls. most of the dishes i've scavenged are quite shallow -- succulents and air plants are just about the only things i could realistically put in them.

i picked up these guys at an estate sale:

i especially love the mint bowl.

i gathered a few more thrifted bowls from my workspace -- they were accumulated over a couple of months at goodwill, garage sales, etc.

the funner part:
off K and i went to a local nursery!

i brought the dishes with me because i wanted to pick the perfect plant for each container...
each plant ranged from $3 to $9 -- not expensive at all! at least, compared to a full-grown fiddle leaf fig tree.

...and i picked up some more cactus potting soil while i was at it.

i immediately started repotting when we got home.

now...the funnest part!
where to place them around the house?

i used this wooden bowl for an air plant. curious how to pot air plants? i just threw in some rocks, then plopped the plant in. easy-peasy! 

he sits on the impromptu bookshelf in our stairwell.

i set a few of the new plants by our large picture window, on a thrifted brass rolly-cart next to our baby fiddle leaf fig (grow, figgy, grow!!)...
our dinky oak tree isn't doing too shabby! :)

i'm digging this green-bean-y guy:

next to the green bean succulent, i potted these three amigos together in the wide and shallow wooden bowl:

there are also a couple of plants on our craiglisted credenza in the front room:
argh, the spirographs are still all crooked from dusting. i'll get to straightening them at some point...

curious about the suspended cityscape?

finally, i set another little guy in the polka-squared dining room:
i think he's my favorite of my new plants...

* mari

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  1. This is such a cute idea!! Just today as I walked past my cabinet with all the extra and cute little decorate-y things I spotted this one bowl that is shallow and wide. As I was just done eating cereal I guess I had it on the brain and wondered if that bowl would have been made to eat with or just be cute! :) I've used it to store pins in while sewing and as a candy dish at parties. I think I'll pull it out and find some cute succulants!! :)

    1. great ideas to use for sewing pins and candy! i think i'm just addicted to pretty plants in pretty containers... :)

  2. I have two little yellow bowls just like that mint one. Mine are from Anthropologie (about the only thing I can afford there haha). Anyway, I actually put my earrings in them. It may not be the most practical or efficient if I'm looking for a pair, but it usually doesn't take too long and the color scheme was just perfect for my bedroom - I couldn't resist!

    (I also have a bigger blue bowl for big earrings, bangles, etc!)


    1. i heard they had similar at anthro, but i never checked them out. i bet they look so pretty!

    2. Any idea what the succulent that looks like green beans is actually called? I love it! Really awesome finds, and your home looks amazing! I'm glad I stumbled on your blog while searching for "succulent that looks like green beans" lol!

    3. hi there, i'm sorry -- i have no clue. :( if i run across them again at the greenhouse, i'll sneak a peek at the label and let you know!


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