Jul 27, 2013

succulents on the built-in

as i mentioned before, the cage just wasn't our style. 

and even though they still had access to plenty of air...i felt bad. seeing my living, breathing plants all cooped up in a prison. i doubt i could ever own actual birds.

so, not long after planting the succulents in the cage, i decided to transfer them to this wide earthenware bowl...

...but i wasn't crazy about that arrangement either.
at least the plants were free, i suppose.

my succulents remained in the bowl-planter for a couple months until inspiration struck in the form of atelier stella london on etsy. after missing her uploads a few times (she sells out within a few hours!), i finally got lucky and was able to score this adorable guy:
i named him Ned.

...and i thought, how perfect would Ned look on the built-in???

then, i answered myself: perfectly perfect.
don't pretend like you don't talk to yourself too...

so, once Ned arrived, i removed the succulents from the bowl-planter and transferred them to Ned and some terra cotta pots.

perfectly perfect, right??

okay, the elephant might be raining on the parade slightly, but he has to be there, facing our front door for good luck.

i'm so very happy with this arrangement (finally!) and i think it will stay like this for a while. at least as long as i can keep these plants alive...

sadly, Ned's plant already needs a little TLC. :(
what do i need to do, neglect him more??
how do you care more for plants that just want to be left alone??

epiphany: succulents are the teenagers of the houseplant world.
but, wait!
that's not the end of this little story.

the day after i set this little grouping up, a friend left this on our front porch:
hee, hee...

even phallic cacti need love.

luckily, i had the perfect pot, freshly thrifted from my local salvation army:
who gets rid of white ceramic pots?? they're a classic!

...and ta-da!
the final final arrangement*.
(*until the plants die or i change my mind)

* mari

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