Jul 17, 2013

pillows galore!

we have a few new pillows around here so i'm lumping them all together in one post to share with you...because who doesn't love pillows??

first: the sunroom. it has remained more or less the same since getting our new sectional and painting the walls. that is to say, a bit cold-feeling.
it's especially striking in pictures.
it doesn't feel like an icebox in person...but it sure looks it in photo.

i've been meaning to add warmth via accessories for ages now. most notably, through pillows. i had it on my agenda to make them -- and i actually played around with a few different fabrics -- but i didn't love how any of them turned out.

so...i finally decided to bite the bullet and buy some pillows.

i settled on these fabulous guys, both from west elm: the chevron crewel pillow in iron and the embroidered dot silk pillow in horseradish. baby steps...

here's a closer look at the embroidered dot pillow:
ties in nicely to the neighboring yellow polka-square dining room, right?

psst! check out our sunroom on west elm's instagram and twitter feeds!

i'm sad to report this is what mr. buns looks like now...
completely. disintegrating. sad face.

i'm much more satisfied with this screen-printed rabbit pillow from heather vitticore in the front room. isn't he adorable?

the front room is on the other side of our polka-square dining room (which you can see a glimpse of on the left), so i tried to distribute some of the color with the pillows on our old brown leather sofas. 
the spirograph gallery is still a bit crooked since dusting a few weeks ago...

the result is...ho-hum.
i don't love at all the brown and yellow pairing so i hope we can replace the couches soon. unlikely to be anytime soon. but in complete denial, i keep decorating around their brown-ness.

i bought the larger ikat pillow at homegoods a few months ago and found the smaller solid yellow pillows in the outdoor section at pier one. 

i'm much happier with the front porch: i scored these perfect green and white striped outdoor pillows from homegoods for a measly $13 for the pair!

look at how well they coordinate with the porch table fish made last year:

finally, upstairs in K's room is this darling letter pillow i bought from minimetry a few months ago. i love it.
side note: i tried making a letter "K" pillow with disastrous results. minimetry's version was well worth the $16.

K falls asleep with his letter pillow each night -- it's the perfect shape for hugging. really. even if your child's name is abraham or nathaniel or walter, I would still recommend getting a letter "K" -- it has built-in hugging arms! you could always say the "K" stands for "kid." :)

* mari

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  1. RIP Mr Buns. I am obsessed with throw pillows. So much so, that last Christmas my nephew told my SIL he loved coming to our house because we have ”so many pillows!” I LOVE those b&&w Chevron ones but I can't think of anywhere they would work in our house! Your front porch is so charming too!!

    1. what?! i think black and white chevron would work anywhere and everywhere. you should get a couple or three or fifty. :) i never knew i was a pillow person until i started walking around the house, taking pics of all of our pillows. i think i somehow transformed into a pillow maniac!

      too cute about your nephew! i bet he adores jumping into them! K does that all the time. and builds forts with them, hah...

  2. Can you please come decorate my house? Seriously.

    1. ah, maureen, thanks for the vote of confidence! :) it's really nothing spectacular, just our little home. fun to play around with pillows though!

  3. I think I like pillows more than I realized. I'm sitting here thinking, heck I have throw pillows in closets and on the floor of my bedroom that I just cannot part with because I *adore* them.

    1. i know, they're addicting, right?? pull them out!! :)


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