Jul 1, 2013

june in review

another month in the books...!

i always feel like we got nothing done until i take time to look back on the month...so before we skedaddle onto JULY (whoa), please allow me to recap our june super-quick.

over on instagram (@meandering_mari), i found out two more pictures of mine -- featuring our impromptu day at the beach and.........my swollen ankles -- might be featured in hgtv #lovehome commercials! whoopee!

see my gilded nightstand in an hgtv commercial here!

in other exciting news, i finally got off my lazy bum and finished the pastel version of my watercolor social media iconsthe original primary-colored sets are still available for free download as well. 

around the house: i shared my favorite thrifted decorative items as well as a quick and easy way to display photos...

in the kitchen: i showed you an easy way to keep your measuring spoons in order and shared my attempts at organizing our baking supplies:

meanwhile, out in the yard, a mighty dinky oak tree was planted...

...we bought a new fancy bird bath...

i also had an update of how our outdoor plants are faring:

finally, here are some books i've enjoyed over the past month or so:

 ...and june's most popular instagram photos:
you can find me on instagram @meandering_mari!

also on instagram: i got an honorable mention in poppytalk's summer colors contest for this picture:
i work from home at 4a throughout the week -- these are the corner windows in my office. after my eyelids become unstuck, i get to watch the sunrise every morning. love.

i'm hoping to have a very laidback, relaxing july...
how about you?

any big projects planned?
let me know in the comments!

* mari

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