Jul 10, 2013

faux outdoor flowers

i could not keep flowers alive in this toasty spot on our front porch. so i did what any sane person trying to stay sane would do: i opted for the faux version:

before i came to my senses, the urn on our front porch alternated between freshly planted colorful bursts of flowers to this shriveled state, only a week or two later:

after two rounds of dying blooms, i was about to try yet another bunch of flowers in our pot:

...then i stopped myself: why waste the money??

i started thinking about fake flowers.

note, there were also these two pots flanking the garage to contend with. the one on the left is...not completely horrible. but its mate is full on D-E-A-D. ick.

okay! fake flowers it is.

i was in search of not too nice of a flower -- they were going to be outside after all. i didn't want to spend a crapton of money because, again, they would live outdoors. but, i still wanted them to look at least semi-believable. at least from far away.

i shopped at a few places with no luck. blooms were either way too fake-looking or too expensive. 

i finally lucked out at joann fabrics. they're already displaying fall and harvest items!...but that meant nearly their entire line of spring and summer faux flowers were on sale for 70% off! 

a lot of the flowers were obviously fake. however, i noticed a few white varieties that looked pretty good...then decided: why not do all white arrangements?
okay, with a wee bit of yellow and purple thrown in.

all those blooms -- twenty-something stalks -- cost me only $22!

first things first: getting rid of all the shriveled up previous inhabitants. 
they remind me of ursula's captured souls in the little mermaid...

after the dead-ness was all cleared out i just started sticking the faux stems willy-nilly in the dirt. we'll see how that works out.

i didn't think floral styrofoam would stand up to rain without disintegrating and i couldn't think of an alternative inorganic base to stick the flowers in so...that's why i just left the dirt.

i had to trim some of the stalks.
those dinky jewelry wire cutters didn't do the trick, by the way. i ended up using fish's heavy duty snipper-things.

filling in some more...

...and the finished pot on the porch:
the umbrella tree is real, by the way. i just moved him outside to enjoy the warm weather.

this is how the overall porch looks so far this season:

i found the outdoor pillows at homegoods -- aren't they perfect?
the pot of faux flowers on the porch table fish made is from joss&main.

here are the garage pots:

MUCH improved, right?

am i forgiven for using fake flowers??

by the way, the new petunias that never got planted into the front porch pot? they went in the new flower bed fish dug up behind the sunroom.

the new bed made room for some clearance rose bushes (they were only $3 so if they don't survive, it's not a big loss) and overflow hostas. i just squished the petunias in on the end.
excuse the crooked shades...K has discovered the joy of pulling our blinds up and down, up and down!

we've already bought edging to define the new flower bed a bit better so pictures of that will be coming soon!

* mari


  1. Love! Such a great idea, I may have to try for our back porch flowers next year if the ones I have now bite the dust (again!)


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