Jul 6, 2013

a peek into my craftspace

my work-slash-craftspace is always a mess. always. every time i get the urge to clean it (haha!), i'm distracted by a project as i'm putting things away. also...i just have way. too. many. craft supplies. there, i admitted it.

here's a long overdue peek into where the crafting magic happens...

i'm lucky that i have a whole room to myself. although, to be fair, i also work exclusively from home so i need a dedicated office space. i'm not sure where i'll put my computer and tens tons of craft supplies if a future bebe ever needs this room...

in my dreams...i would have a white desk. my over-four-year-old big honkin' ikea desk is practical for all the space it gives me...but it's so dark. the chore of maybe being able to take it apart, get it downstairs, and spraypaint it isn't worth the hassle for me. obviously.
to my eagle-eyed readers: yes, i took these pictures waaay back in march and am just now sharing them with you. :)

since i forgot to pull back the curtain, here's an old picture of inside my crafty closet...i first painted this room blue before deciding i preferred a clean white slate for all my colorful craft and art supplies. the closet organization looks basically the same as when i first set it up. you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

a closer view of the clear shoe boxes from the container store-- they are insanely useful around the house...especially for organizing craft supplies

oh, there's something that has changed: my washi tape collection quickly outgrew that little vase and it's now stored in a repurposed floor grate on my windowsill.

my pile of favorite neutral fabrics -- used mostly for photo backgrounds -- sits out in the open:

the rest of my fabric stash is folded in dresser drawers in the closet:
disclaimer: old picture. this portion of closet organization may or may not be currently as neat as it appeared originally. :)

about one-seven-hundredth of my bottle and vase collection:

my hidden attempts at organization: a corkboard hung behind the door holds receipts, business cards, paint swatches, fabric swatches, items we're interested in purchasing...i covered the back of the door with chalkboard paint and that's where i keep some of my to-do list. at any given time, i have at least three to-do lists in circulation.

the remaining wall is lined with to-be-finished projects, extra picture frames, reams of computer paper, and artwork. maybe someday i'll be brave enough to show you the mess......maybe...

do you have a dedicated craft space?
do you have any tips to keep it organized??

* mari

The Container Store


  1. I love your space and I don't find it to be that cluttered in the pictures. Being creative, you need a little clutter to get the projects going, right? :)

    I separated my crafts from my office a little bit. I have all my craft items in plastic bins in a big hallway cabinet where everything is easy to find, grab, and put back.

    My office gets cluttered too and I too have dark desks, but I don't mind them being dark. I try to get to the bottom of the piles every once in a while :)

    I love your art gallery over your computer screen and that crate holding your washi tape is such a wonderful find. So pretty!

    1. plastic bins are a great idea! I was trying to use what we already had, hence the non-see-through big honkin' dresser in the closet! I'll definitely keep clear bins in mind for if/when I ever redo my organization.

      thanks for your kind words! :)

  2. This looks like such an inspiring little place, I love it!

  3. I sew and quilt and have done so for MUCH longer than any crafting (origami, macrame, quilling and beading) so fabric takes up most of the storage space I have. I helped a friend's sister move and was given more sewing stuff - thread, notions, lace, elastic and fabric. I have 3 boxes of fabric in the basement, gave 6 boxes to a friend for her Mission and most of the rest went into the attic, whose access is a drop down ladder. My cutting/craft table has minimal empty space, my sewing machine table is covered and my serger is barely visible on its table. I am not able to do anything until I clear the surfaces I need to work on *sigh*
    I don't know if you have considered using mactac to cover your table. Some of the boxes of fabric I received were covered in mactac, which has given me the idea to do the same with my desk.

    1. ha, yes, I thank heavens that I'm not a quilter or crocheter -- it seems to be the only crafting area I'm NOT involved in! I hoard enough fabric as it is!

      I've never heard of mactac -- is it similar to vinyl? you've inspired me -- I think I'm going to investigate covering my desk in vinyl.......hmmmm.......!

  4. I am so jealous! I love your little space! My desk is in the kitchen, crafting stuff in the spare room (which will have to be relocated when baby #2 eventually comes along). I think I am going to steal your chalkboard/door idea.

    1. thanks Maureen! yes, I lucky I have a whole room, but if we ever have a girl, I'll have to kiss that room goodbye and figure out a similar arrangement to yours. I'll be calling you for tips! ;)

      I'm in love with chalkboard paint, possibly because I've never seemed to grow up! I still love doodling with chalk, just like in grade school. so...I would def recommend chalkboard-painting whatever you can get your hands on! :)

  5. You call that cluttered??? Girl, you're crazy!! I think it is well organized but I know how you feel craft materials can take over a room or even a whole house sometimes!! A long time ago I transformed an old tv unit into a craft cabinet for my DN biz stuff http://delightfullynoted.blogspot.com/2012/01/tv-cabinet-turned-craft-hutch-storage.html but otherwise I have a REALLY messy closet downstairs in our basement filled to the brim w/ craft materials. I really NEED to organize it but am too lazy or like you get down there and end up just playing with the stuff instead of cleaning.

    1. hah, jennifer, i didn't show a whole WALL of the room -- that's where most of the clutter lays. lol

      thanks for linking to the tv unit transformation! i definitely need to do something like that...


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