Jun 18, 2013

watching birds bathe isn't creepy at all.

i've been wanting a birdbath for a few weeks now. fish and i would randomly check out the selection at whatever big box home improvement store we happened to stop by, but we weren't finding anything quite to our liking. 

we wanted a plain-jane bath, not overly decorative or colorful.
why were we having so much trouble?? 

i was starting to give up on the whole idea, when we ended up at a fancy local garden center and i spotted this guy:

we loved the simple profile.
the plain-jane cement texture and color.

the price? ehhhhh...

a birdbath is definitely not a necessity. there are other things we want/need more. a new front door and storm door. a new bathtub. a hammock. so we took note and told ourselves we'd come back for him at some later time.

farewell perfect birdbath...


the very next day, under the shade of our only backyard tree, there sat...
the perfect birdbath!
fish surprised me! 
he bought it after work, snuck it into the backyard, and set it up.

i love him.

and i love the birdbath too:

i sit under the shade of our tree...by the way, is our tree an oak? it has the same lobe-y leaves as the white oak in front. hmm...

anyway, i sit under the shade of our tree and read...
i am loving The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan...so good.

...i stare at our house and think about projects i want to tackle at some point...

...i admire my red toes...
essie really red

...i watch birds flutter through the branches...

in short, it is crazy peaceful.

...i'm still waiting to see a bird bathe though.

* mari

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  1. i'd put a large rock or brick in the middle. you'll probably attract the birds, as well as butterflies and honey bees :)

    1. hi dagan, that's a great idea -- thank you! i stole a decent-sized stone from my son's collection and plopped it to the side a little bit. crossing my fingers... :)

  2. Your toes are so little! :)


    1. haha, i kept debating whether to leave the picture in or not. the more i looked at it, the weirder my toes seemed to look. finally, i had to walk away, lol.

  3. love that he surprised you with it!

  4. i love bird watching, feeding and bathing... i have had a ton of cardinals come by lately!

    1. ooh, we see a cardinal every so often -- haven't seen one bath yet though! :)


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