Jun 8, 2013

suspended cityscape

i'm here today to share a quick photo display idea:
a suspended cityscape! i love it.

it's a nontraditional non-snowy snow globe.
...of the best city in the whole wide world! :)

i started with this: a vintage gem i found on etsy.

i wanted to suspend a picture inside...but which picture??

this is one of the first pictures i took of the skyline when we moved to downtown chicago years ago. i can even pick out our old apartment building. memories, sigh...

i gently bent the photo small enough to fit through the opening at the bottom of the globe, then let it unfurl. its size allows it to hang just so in the center. there's nothing holding the photo in this position except the corners touching the sides of the glass.

it's absolutely perfect-perfect-perfect inside the snow globe.
curious about the spirographs?

i love how the photo seems to float in mid-air.

any ol' glass globe-y shaped container flipped upside down would work: ceiling light covers, fish bowls, candy dishes...

let me know if you try it!

* mari

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  1. What a great idea! I love how it seems to float! Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this idea. It looks so good! The black and white with the glass and wood = pure style :)

    1. thank you katja! yes, i love the simplicity as well -- i tend to overdo it most times... :)


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