Jun 15, 2013

some thrifting finds i kept for myself

one of my personal rules when stocking my etsy shop is to try to buy only items i myself love. however, this sometimes almost always makes it difficult to part with the delectable treasures i've found.

these are a few i've ultimately decided to keep for myself.

I didn't know trunk-up elephants were lucky until I started researching this consignment shop find to list on etsy:

that got me thinking of the converse:
is getting rid of a trunk-up elephant unlucky??

...of course i kept him. he sits in a pot of succulents on our built-in, facing our front door, dutifully bringing our family good luck...
i'm not sure if he's real ivory -- he's quite heavy for his small size and has hatchmarks on the bottom of his feet. those are the only clues i have.

behind him is a tall ridged terra cotta planter i ended up adoring...and keeping. i'm planning to plant another succulent in him to provide some height to the whole arrangement.

on the other built-in...a white basketweave ceramic planter that was *thisclose* to being listed before i came to my senses.

i have a hard time parting with anything pineapple. they're cheerful! they're yellow! they have a spiky little hairdo atop their heads. i love them. please reference the crab+fish header...

this small wooden pineapple statue was nearly a no-brainer for me.
i swear i bought him to sell and share the pineapple joy...but in the end, i found i just couldn't part with him.

he perks up our entry table:
read about our lamp and the landing strip here...

i don't usually buy baskets for resale because they're a dime a dozen and don't often sell for much. but i snapped up this diamond-woven planter basket (that's my own faux succulent i plopped in there for show) -- and ultimately knew i had to keep him. love him.

he continues to hold the succulent on my office desk:
p.s. that's my thrifted floor grate turned washi tape storage back there on the windowsill. i knew from the get-go i was keeping the floor grate, though..

p.p.s. the hand-painted woman pottery is another consignment store find. i stalked her for weeks, waiting for the price to drop. i can't believe no one else wanted her!

hey! that hug me coffee mug was another impulse keep.
i'm loveable. i should have a mug that states so. :)

i was all set to sell this gorgeous metal overlay box...until someone suggested i store craftstuffs in it. brilliant!

i ended up using it for my etsy packaging supplies -- it's perfect!
i found both the scale and the table the metal overlay box is sitting on a garage sale for dirt cheap!

i debated with myself for ages on whether to keep this adorable pair of wooden musician statues...
i finally decided i didn't need yet another tchotchke laying around and convinced myself to list them for someone else to enjoy. i settled down to write a description of them and, upon closer inspection...

...i found a third tiny musician hiding inside the largest guy!
well, then...the little guy sealed the deal.
had to keep them.

their cheerful colors make them perfect for a child's room and that's exactly where i put this little band. they spend their days playing their instruments on K's windowsill.

i also ultimately decided to keep this delicate green glass bud vase. 

there's nothing exceptionally noteworthy about him...
he just looks good on my nightstand so that's where he lives.

there's more, but i'll save them for another post someday!

if you like my taste, please check out my etsy store, Little Ladder Vintage. i haven't been able to add any new stock in about a month due to some big stuff going on around here, but there will be more items soon. i can't be kept from thrifting for too long. :)

do you like to go scavenging for home decor items?
what's your best find?

if you're new to thrifting or you'd like to get your feet wet, make sure to see my posts on getting the best deal, buying smart on the internet, and finding sources for thrifted home decor!

have a fantastic father's day weekend!

* mari


  1. Soooo I can totally see how your rule about thrifting for your shop can get you in a lot of trouble! I don't think I would of wanted to give away some of those items either! The elephant looks fab in the pot, the pineapple is adorable (weird thing to say about a fruit BUT it is), and the wooden musicians are perfect for a kid's room!


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