Jun 11, 2013

mighty oak tree

pretty much from the day we moved into this house, we've felt our barren front yard needed a tree.

luckily, the city we live in has a green program -- they will plant a tree of your choosing (from their catalog) in your front yard...for free! after a year of putting it off, we finally decided to take advantage of the program. we got the information and started poring over the options. we were initially leaning towards a maple or an elm because we wanted a fast-growing medium-to-tall tree. bonus if it turned all sorts of brilliant colors in the fall.

however, it turned out the next planting cycle isn't until october.
whomp, whomp...

BUT...one of our neighbors works for the city and she did some investigating. she discovered there were five or six trees leftover from the spring planting cycle that residents had, for one reason or another, decided they didn't want. if we happened to like any of them, we could have a tree planted now.

looking at the short list of contenders, i was immediately smitten with the white oak. i just loved the shape of the leaves. all lobe-y and whatnot.
but...oaks are slow growers. so i only wanted the white oak that was available if it was oh...at least eight feet tall. basically, i didn't want a sapling in our front yard for years and years.

the city assured us it would be tall enough.

we marked where we wanted the tree planted with a white flag. 
over the next few days, several other flags magically appeared, marking cable and utility lines.

our white oak was stealthily planted at 6:30 in the morning (!!!) by city workers -- i only know the time because two of our neighbors witnessed The Planting. fish had already left for work. i was up and working from home...but on the other side of the house -- i didn't hear a thing!

et voila!

the tree ended up being closer to 10-12' tall so we're happy.

here he is after a couple of weeks, now with some foliage on him:
he's definitely on the skinny side. hopefully, he'll beef up a bit. we've been giving him miracle-gro every week to encourage his yet-to-be-revealed mightiness.

i mean...did you see the gigantic tree across the street?
...he makes our guy look positively dinky.

a Then and Now for you...
what has changed from then (home inspection) to now?? 

* mari

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