Jun 1, 2013

may in review

yah, it's JUNE! officially summer!

father's day is quickly approaching -- if you're looking for a quick and cute gift involving the kids, check out the photo montage i made for fish's very first father's day!

now, before i head outside to shamelessly nap on a picnic blanket in the backyard, let me recap what went down here in may...

first, our DIY giant ruler growth chart was featured on disney's spoonful.com!

as expected, there was TONS of outdoor work last month: setting up the front porch for the summer, installing new exterior lights, repotting our new lemon treefilling the front yard flower beds, and working on the back yard.

speaking of plants, i also admitted my out-of-control love for greenery in the home:

then, i fiddled with the arrangement of items on our entry table

...and i hemmed and hawed about plans for our basement:
 the current laundry room: scary!!

also laundry-related: i showed how i organize all of K's tiny toddler clothes.

totally unrelated to home decor: i'm a bonafide bookworm and i decided to start sharing the books i'm reading! i started by recommending some of my all-time favorites.

...meanwhile, here are some of the books i got through this month:
are you a bookworm too? join me on goodreads!

i read a lot more than usual this month because...my computer crashed -- ARGH!! i'm now on Week Two without my beloved iMac (waiting for applecare to figure out what the problem is) and i'm going NUTS. i work from home, i blog from home, and i have an etsy shop...i need my computer. i'm currently blogging from my husband's laptop, but it's just not the same...waaah, no photoshop!

i relied on previously scheduled posts to keep crab+fish active, but there may be a lull soon that will reflect all the downtime i've had without my computer.

finally, here are some of my popular instagram photos from may:
you can find me on instagram @meandering_mari!

as always, thanks for joining us! hopefully, my computer will be fixed soon and we can share all the super-fun-exciting things happening around here. :)

* mari

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  1. YOU need your computer?! I NEED your computer!! I keep checking back in for new posts and waaahhh... nothing new! But this recap will tide me over, so thanks!

    1. aaaah, i'm sorry for the lapse! :) i am working hard to catch back up!


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