Jun 25, 2013

mary, mary, quite contrary

how does our garden grow?
...well, our peonies have finally decided to bloom!

half of them anyway.
the white ones are taking their sweet time.

and what about our cherry trees?

sadly, the stella isn't doing so well. in a last ditch effort, we dug her up, razzle-dazzled her roots some more, then replanted her. cross your fingers.
we still need to paint the shed, argh!

the black tartarian seems to be doing moderately well, though his leaves are a bit droopy.
yes, we desperately need to sod this area...

as for our meager vegetable patch...we've got chives, we've got...tomatoes? i think that's what we planted there. the leaves (on the right) look very weed-y.

we've also got parsley a-plenty! i guess i should start cooking more dinners so i can garnish them appropriately...

and look -- strawberries!

they get a container all to themselves since they're such overzealous growers. i heard asparagus (which i love) are the same way. i want to plant some in the strawberry patch and see who wins: a vegetable-fruit cagematch.

finally, here's how our backyard is looking so far this summer. 
not bad, not bad...

how are your summer plantings doing so far?

* mari


  1. Your peonies are gorgeous!! WOW!!! I don't have anything nearly that fabulous ... I have a couple of Blue Nile flowers. I really love those.

    Those strawberries look delicious. We did not have time to plant a garden this year. Maybe next year :)

    1. thanks katja! our peonies are actually suffering from fish's ph-altering-attempts on our soil. he was trying to kill all the wild garlic. hopefully, the flowers will grow back normally again next season!


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