Jun 22, 2013

keep your measuring spoons
in perfect order

this is a post i meant to write aaaaaaaaaages ago. almost a year ago, in fact. i will feel extraordinarily bad if any of you have been searching and searching for the perfect way to store your measuring spoons. little did you know, i had your solution and was just too lazy to take the pictures. shame on me.

i don't have step-by-step diy pictures...but there's not much to it. start with a small piece of scrap wood, trimmed to the width of the inside of your cabinet door (or smaller). sand then paint or stain your scrap wood, if you please. i stained our scrap wood with leftover ebony from our master bed. i wanted to color it similar to our cabinets, but i didn't have anything close and i didn't want to buy a whole quart when all i needed was a few brushstrokes.

i drilled evenly-spaced holes in the wood then screwed each hook in.
...then screwed the whole shebang inside our spice cabinet door. 

make sure you space it so the wood, hooks, and/or spoons won't bang into a shelf when you close the door.

it could not be any easier.

ready to grab at a moment's notice:
quarter-teaspoon oregano, stat!

i wanted to hang our measuring cups as well, but they were too clunky to do via this method. there wasn't enough room for them to hang in a straight line and i didn't like the look of them staggered. so. they're still in the drawer. they stack nicely and don't scatter like the spoons though, so it's not really a huge issue for me.

do you have any organizing tips you'd like to share?
let me know in the comments!

i'm always looking to be more organized.

* mari

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  1. Isn't it amazing what a little organization does for your mental health? I love hanging my spoons and cups too and can't help but smile every time I open the cabinet. I'm on a mission to total organization myself...so I wish you luck! :)

    1. thanks hilary! i have a feeling i will never achieve TOTAL organization...but that doesn't stop me from trying. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. you should, it's very easy and oddly rewarding! :)

  3. So smart and I literally no joke just was searching in my drawer five minutes ago for my measuring spoons!

  4. Love this idea. So cute. Amazing how much better you feel for a little organisation in your life :-)

    I hang our measuring spoons from our DIY magnetic spice board. I love that they're right there with the spices and easy to grab. http://lifeinryans.com/2013/05/29/how-to-make-a-spice-rack/

    1. isn't that the truth!! i was thinking about doing magnetic spices, but the truth of it is we just don't cook enough to neaten up our spice cabinet beyond what it is already. maybe some day...*dreaming*

  5. Where did you get the hooks and board from? I've been wanting to do this for awhile!

    1. hi kirsten! the wood was just a scrap piece i found in our garage. fish may have trimmed it to fit the width of our cabinet doors -- it's been so long, i can't quite remember. that would be a simple cut though.

      the hooks were part of a kit of different types of eye hooks i found at home depot for less than $5.

      good luck!


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