Jun 29, 2013

organizing baking supplies

how are your baking supplies stored?

our old method, since the time fish and i moved out on our own eight (!) years ago, was to keep them in mason jars. i loved the look and uniformity...but the problem was that a whole bag of anything never fully fit into a relatively small mason jar.

with the not-humongous number of cabinets we have in our current kitchen, i wanted to condense the amount of space all these sugars and powders were taking up.

we had the jars in a lower cabinet...

Jun 25, 2013

mary, mary, quite contrary

how does our garden grow?
...well, our peonies have finally decided to bloom!

half of them anyway.
the white ones are taking their sweet time.

Jun 22, 2013

keep your measuring spoons
in perfect order

this is a post i meant to write aaaaaaaaaages ago. almost a year ago, in fact. i will feel extraordinarily bad if any of you have been searching and searching for the perfect way to store your measuring spoons. little did you know, i had your solution and was just too lazy to take the pictures. shame on me.

Jun 20, 2013

what i'm reading

here's a quick recap of what i've read in the past month or so...

i was able to power through a lot of books when my computer crashed. it feels good to finally get ahead in my goodreads 2013 reading challenge goal. admittedly, only very-very-very slightly ahead.

Jun 18, 2013

watching birds bathe isn't creepy at all.

i've been wanting a birdbath for a few weeks now. fish and i would randomly check out the selection at whatever big box home improvement store we happened to stop by, but we weren't finding anything quite to our liking. 

we wanted a plain-jane bath, not overly decorative or colorful.
why were we having so much trouble?? 

Jun 15, 2013

some thrifting finds i kept for myself

one of my personal rules when stocking my etsy shop is to try to buy only items i myself love. however, this sometimes almost always makes it difficult to part with the delectable treasures i've found.

these are a few i've ultimately decided to keep for myself.

I didn't know trunk-up elephants were lucky until I started researching this consignment shop find to list on etsy:

that got me thinking of the converse:
is getting rid of a trunk-up elephant unlucky??

Jun 13, 2013

storing garden tools...

with all the outdoor work we fish has been doing, we've amassed a modest little collection of spades, trowels, shovels, etc -- and we really needed a better way to store them than this:

Jun 11, 2013

mighty oak tree

pretty much from the day we moved into this house, we've felt our barren front yard needed a tree.

luckily, the city we live in has a green program -- they will plant a tree of your choosing (from their catalog) in your front yard...for free! after a year of putting it off, we finally decided to take advantage of the program. we got the information and started poring over the options. we were initially leaning towards a maple or an elm because we wanted a fast-growing medium-to-tall tree. bonus if it turned all sorts of brilliant colors in the fall.

Jun 8, 2013

suspended cityscape

i'm here today to share a quick photo display idea:
a suspended cityscape! i love it.

it's a nontraditional non-snowy snow globe.
...of the best city in the whole wide world! :)

Jun 6, 2013

80+ pastel watercolor social media icons

update july 2014: these are currently not available for download. i am hoping to have them available again soon. thanks for your patience!

way back in march, i posted ten sets of social media icons as free downloads. at the time, i mentioned i was working on a set of pastel icons as well. it took me three months to finish them because...well, frankly, i'm a lazy bum.

but, they're here now!
that's all that matters!

get them after the jump!

Jun 3, 2013

family time

we spent a wonderfully simple and relaxing afternoon at the beach on saturday. it was an impromptu visit -- we brought nothing but ourselves.
the temperature was perfect, but the skies were overcast at times so the beach was deserted. we had the whole shoreline practically to ourselves.

Jun 1, 2013

may in review

yah, it's JUNE! officially summer!

father's day is quickly approaching -- if you're looking for a quick and cute gift involving the kids, check out the photo montage i made for fish's very first father's day!

now, before i head outside to shamelessly nap on a picnic blanket in the backyard, let me recap what went down here in may...