May 23, 2013

when life gives you lemons...
(repotting a lemon tree)

fish and i were browsing another nursery -- i think it's becoming one of my all time favorite things to do. i'd call it a cheap date, but i usually end up going home with more plants and flowers and pots and etc.

fish and i were browsing another nursery when we stumbled across...


i've been pining for a lemon tree. i mention it constantly (see here, here, here, and here)...and it must have stuck in the back of fish's head because he suggested we buy one!

hmmm? what's that? 
a lemon tree? buy it?

YES, fish, YES.

plop! into our shopping cart it fell:

the employee helping us said she bought one last spring and it bore eight lemons for her this year! fingers crossed we'll be so lucky.

we also left with fertilizer and potting soil for citrus trees:

first step: pruning.
see pruning tips here.

i have a looks-ceramic-but-is-actually-plastic pot from lowe's that i'm in love with: a white on white feathery-viney kind of pattern. it was the perfect size for our new tree, but it didn't have any drainage holes. and lemon trees, like most other plants, need good drainage.

so fish drilled some holes in the bottom:

...then added pea gravel:
we've been in the habit of tossing empty plastic water bottles in the bottom of our houseplant pots to aid in drainage, but we didn't have any this time.

next layer: potting soil.
p.s. those are fish's hairy arms and manly hands.

next, we mixed in one quarter-cup of fertilizer:

we removed the lemon tree from its plastic pot:
...and scraggled up its roots a bit.

love the tree in his new pot!

he can live outside once our nights stay above 55ºF, but for now he spends his days in front of the west-facing picture window (of course).

have you ever had a lemon tree?
if so, did it bear fruit for you?

do you have any good lemon-using recipes for me?

* mari

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