May 7, 2013

the lamp and the landing strip

the landing strip in our entry has gone through many, many, many changes:

while i love that lamp in the bottom set of pictures, it was bringing me down, man. the black shade was too dark, too heavy with the other elements i had on the table. the gold base wasn't jiving with the rest of the metallics. i just couldn't get it to come together.

click here if you're curious about my going dotty circle art! the canvas print is an instagram photo taken by @karlyks - it's a can of paint before being mixed. i asked her if i could print it for my home and she graciously emailed the picture file to me -- wasn't that sweet?? i then took advantage of a free 8x8" canvas promotion by...i can't remember what company. free art!

back to the lamp! it looked off no matter what i did in the entry so i moved it to fish's bedside table:
i like it much better there!
(you can read about our master bedroom wall color here, the gilded owl here, and the fresh flowers here.)

but...that left the entry table again without a light. we definitely need one there since fish usually comes home after dark to a pitch-black house -- i'm upstairs working and K is in bed. there's no other light in the vicinity of the front door except the powder room light -- and it would be weird to leave that on.

sooooo...on a random shopping trip to target, i brought home this guy:

who knows? maybe the lighter lamp just looks better to me now because it's fresh and more summery-feeling? it might look all wrong to me again come fall. heck, it might look all wrong to me come june. ...what if all i needed to do all along was just move the black yoga mat bag?? it just blended into the background for me after a while...

i purposefully bought the lightest, plainest shade available because i knew i wanted to cover it in a to-be-determined crazy-print fabric.

it was also my goal to get a smaller shade. the black lampshade was too large and impinged on our framed plat so much so that i had to scoot it over on the wall.

it didn't take me long to determine my tbd fabric - i fell madly in love with this lucie summers fabric the moment i laid eyes on it:
i am SO the mom of a boy...

i like that it's an unexpected print for a lampshade but still remains a light, neutral palette. i'm digging a light, neutral palette at this moment in time.

i gathered my lamp-shade-covering supplies:

...and got to work.

the finished shade:

there's a bit of extra fabric at the corners because it's an empire shape vs a straight up and down rectangle - i don't mind it.

i added a cloche ((from homegoods)) to the table a few days later and slipped a favorite family picture inside:
i love the cloche there -- it's perfect! i love the lampshade. the rest of it...works...for now. i'm sure i'll continue to add and subtract accessories willy-nilly. i told fish the other day i want to be a minimalist. he laughed at me.

oh, yes...i added a few more plants too, heh. 
not entirely purposefully. they all need lots of sunlight and the best place for sun is in front of the giant picture window.

...but hey, i removed the yoga mat bag! maybe i should put it back. it looks very left-heavy now...argh!

a close-up of the monkeys sitting on top of the frame:
they're from a vacation fish and i took ages and ages ago.

what i would love, more than anything in this space, is to replace the rickety fiberboard table with this solid wood beauty from land of nod:

...or, you know, something similar from goodwill for five dollars...

do you have any areas that go through lots of changes like our entry? 
what made you finally commit to a design?

* mari

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  1. I love what you've done! Plants and all! Could you move your hand art work on the floor to the right side to take away the heaviness you feel on the left? I so wish we had a wall plug in our entry. It seems so strange to not have one there.

    1. i should have moved that tabletop easel completely as i think that's a temporary storage solution for me, but i had it all the way to the left because i liked that it covered up the wall plug.

      i think maybe i should scrap *everything* and start from scratch. blargle.....

  2. That fabric you used on the shade is just perfect and I really, really like the base of that lamp. It looks like a bright and welcoming entry way.
    PS. If you ever find something like that circulation chest for $5 at Goodwill I swear I will rob your house for it! Hahaha!

    1. haha, thank you jennifer! yes, if it's one thing i'm completely satisfied with in our entry, it's the lampshade fabric - love it!


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