May 11, 2013

the front porch is back

a couple of weekends ago, we pulled the table that fish made and our ikea chairs out of storage and put them back in their rightful place on the front porch. this is what it looked like last year:

nothing too fancy. we had just moved in and i simply wanted a comfy space outdoors to eat lunch with K while we took a break from making all those sidewalk chalk villages. by that point, i had painted the mailbox and the porch railing and fish had installed a wireless doorbell and floating house numbers

we had new windows installed later in the year. this is the powder room window, which looks out onto the front porch -- a HUGE difference.

then...a winter hiatus.

fast forward to this spring: fish decided to tackle the landscaping and added a small retention wall to the flower beds in front of the house.

meanwhile, i did what i do best and went shopping...for an outdoor rug. i found this guy on clearance at ikea. the price was right so i snagged the very last one, the floor model, for $7.

 i also added these faux flowers from joss&main on the porch table:

...and i bought a pair of outdoor pillow forms for the two chairs. i'm currently on the hunt for a fabric that speaks to me.

we brought these flower pots from last year back out -- they're flanking the new garage door. i stuffed them with petunias and...violas? i can't remember.
fish's dad (rip) gave us the flowerpots last year.

after all that, here's what the front porch looks like so far:

...and compared to when we first moved in:
oops! actually the proper "before" had a rusty white railing.

we've since planted flowers -- pictures coming soon!

next on the outdoor to-do list: see these guys?
they need replacing. badly. they don't even work.
...and there's a hornet's nest in that garage light.

we bought these -- two smaller fixtures for either side of the garage and one larger for beside the door. now, we're just waiting for nice weather to come 'round again before installing.

have any of you started sprucing up your outdoor areas?

any big outdoor plans for the summer?
let me know in the comments!

* mari

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  1. Looking good! I'd love to get our back deck in shape for entertaining but I just can't seem to find the time these days :)

  2. Love your picks. I had not seen that outdoor rug at IKEA only in red/pink. I got their black and white one - also the last one - snagged it from a display... hm hmm.

    I just picked a few fabrics for some out-door pillows that are on the agenda this weekend.

    Love your front porch. It looks so cozy and the new sea gull lights are perfect for the space!

    1. thank you katja! ...i'm still on the hunt for pillow fabric, urg!


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