May 21, 2013

the flower beds

about a month ago, in our first foray into landscaping, we (mostly fish) built small retaining walls around the flower beds in front of our house. after completion, it was finally time for the fun part: adding the flowers. hooray!!

we did the tiniest bit of research into flowers recommended for our zone: how big they got, how much sun they needed, what colors they bloomed. we had a rough idea of the ones we liked before heading in to home depot.

we weren't too serious about making a hard-and-fast landscaping plan because we figured anything sold at our local home depot should theoretically do well in our zone. why would they sell flowers that wouldn't grow here?

i really wanted a wildflower-y feel to our garden. while that probably means a lot of research and carefully chosen plants, we chose to interpret it as let's go to the garden center and see what strikes our fancy!

in all fairness, there was a bit of confusion while choosing flowers: i thought we were choosing flowers for a small area of the beds. we'd go home, arrange that small part, and -- if we liked how it looked -- go back and buy a whole lot more of the plants we just purchased.

fish thought we were buying flowers for the whole garden. had i known that, i would have insisted on more of just a few types of plants rather than what we bought, which was just a few of a smorgasbord of different plants.
   ...aaand we still have a crapton of hostas from last year filling any voids.

no matter. our end result is very cheerful and colorful and casual --
just like me and fish!

we're still debating whether to mulch or not. 
does anyone ever not mulch??

we think once all the flowers we planted mature a bit, not that much soil will be exposed anyway. and we don't really want the hassle of re-mulching every year (or however often you have to do it) for the rest of eternity.

or maybe it's not that much of a hassle??

i wonder how we'll feel about our hodge-podge layout next year.

do you change the layout of your garden a lot each year? 
or just let your perennials grow where you've planted them?

i'll be ecstatic if the flowers make it through this year, much less come back!

* mari


  1. I mulch my front beds because I think it looks nicer and more uniform. Plus, I use the black colored mulch which ties in with my trim color. It just creates an overall look. As far as replenishing it every year, it's really not a difficult task if you don't have large areas. I think it's refreshing, actually. Kind of like a growing season warm-up stretch!

    1. hah - i never realized outdoor work was so much....work. i think we will probably end up mulching -- but who knows when we'll get to it! too many projects....... :)

  2. Just ask my hubz how much fun mulching is! No really if it's a small area then it's not that bad to re-mulch every year. It does spruce things up a bit but I guess if your flowers will eventually cover most of the ground then it really isn't necessary. We just had three LARGE flower beds dug out in our backyard last week bc "somebody" thought it would be awesome to have my shower thrown in our un-landscaped backyard (we've focused on the front landscaping up until now)and Dominic spent the WHOLE day wheel barrowing mulch to fill those darn beds!! Any who can't wait to see how your flowers fill in.

    1. haha! i can't wait to see pictures from it! i think we will end up mulching, it has just fallen to the backburner so far.........


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