May 14, 2013

successful organization:
toddler clothes

toddler (and baby!) clothes are tiny and adorable...but there's only so much you can suspend on those similarly tiny and adorable child-sized hangers. pants? socks? undies? tutus?

...so you end up with a big honkin' dresser taking up valuable playspace in your child's room...or maybe you try to shove one into the closet.

if you have a smallish-room and a corresponding smallish-closet (i.e. not a walk-in and too small to force a dresser into), maybe my jiggery will work for you: hanging canvas sweater organizers.

there are two cubby columns hanging in K's closet -- they've worked well in keeping his clothes organized for about a year. here's how i used them:

we keep K's shoes by the front door, in the repurposed built-ins.

socks and undies are in dollar-store baskets that each have their own cubby:
i keep K's undies near the bottom because he likes to pick them out each morning. hee.

whatever brand you get, make sure the shelves hang securely from the rod. mine have two heavy-duty velcro closures, but i've seen metal hanger-tops as well.

...now that all his clothes are stored in the closet and we have no need for a dresser, the rest of K's room is free for toy storage and playspace!

in my search for examples of the hanging organizer i have, i ran across the exact same storage idea at land of nod! of course. it's called the 'i think i canvas hanging closet organizer.' 
   update: talk about perfect timing -- land of nod is having a storage sale!

some of my other organizational coups:

do you have any organizational methods that have worked well for you? 
please share!

* mari

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids


  1. I love the 'mini room' space you have created! Is that underneath the bed? It's such a cute little nook :-)

    1. hi sarah, thank you! yes, that is the little fort-ish space under lil' archer's bed. i hang blankets down and he loves hiding out under there. :)


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