May 16, 2013

plans for the basement, laundry room

the storage shelves that fish built were just the first step in improving the finished basement. he was able to move a large amount of boxes off the floor and into the furnace room, freeing up a whole lot of usable space.

we don't want to over-improve our home by doing too much in the basement, but we definitely want a new floor.

the current vinyl tile:

it's not the most offensive floor i've ever seen...but it's dirty. there's a layer of grime i can't capture in pictures -- and we've tried just about every kind of solvent there is to try getting it clean.

so...we're putting new floors in.

here's a rough representation of our basement layout:

since real hardwood is a big no-no in basements, our plan is to install laminate wood in the lobby, bathroom, and fish's study. we found laminate flooring at lumber liquidators -- rolling falls oak -- that's a pretty good complement to the original red oak hardwood in the rest of the house:

since there's likely asbestos tiles under the current floors in the basement, we're going to lay the laminate directly over the existing vinyl tile. asbestos isn't harmful if it's not disturbed.

i already painted fish's study ages ago, but i still need to paint the lobby and bathroom before we lay new flooring down. it's not going to be anything adventurous -- probably a color we already have.

the furnace room currently has a cement floor and will remain that way.

the drain for the basement is in the laundry room floor and there's a decent slope towards it. also...it's a laundry room. we didn't think it made sense to put a whole lot of money into it. 

...so we chose simple white vinyl planks to lay over the existing tiles:
i kind of love it.
is that so wrong?? to love a vinyl tile??

i at least like it miles better than the old floor.

now, prepare yourself.

this is what the laundry room looks like now:
yikes. any changes we make will be a big improvement.

we were hoping to finish the drywall behind the washer and dryer, but we decided against it for now. with all the pipes and vents and electrical, it seems too complicated. for now. :)

instead, i may attempt painting those square vinyl yellow tiles on the wall...and fish will cover up the window -- we're not sure how yet. he may just nail up a large board of wood. and i will paint it white.

i like yellow as much as the next person -- okay, maybe a teeny bit more -- but i pretty much want to white everything out. 

my laundry room mantra: white, white, white, clean, clean, clean...

maybe you noticed the washer is missing? fish already moved it into the lobby in preparation to lay down the new tiles in the laundry room. 

we inherited the (dirty! nasty!) washer and dryer with the house -- thankfully, fish dealt with the task of cleaning all the crustified old detergent, hairs, mold, and unknown splatters (gross-gross-gross-gross!!!!) off the machines. i'll spare you the pictures. ...but if you really want to see them, click hereshudder.

the machines were arranged with the dryer on the left, the washer on the right, and a utility sink between them. this means the washer and dryer doors opened against instead of towards each other -- and this, for some reason, really-really-really annoyed me. when we bring everything back into the room, i'm hoping the pipes/hoses/whatever are long enough to put the washer on the left and the dryer on the right.

we're not replacing the utility sink because frankly, the only thing i use it for is to rinse paintbrushes. what's the point in buying a new sink for that? i reserve the right to change my mind later.

we're also leaving the cabinet...for now. i'll paint the base and fish plans to sand down a board of plywood we already have as a cheap and easy new counter. 

now...do you remember my -- admittedly, possibly excessive -- paint collection that's kept in the basement? those fifty-cent oops! samples and two-dollar oops! quarts are so hard to resist!

fish cleaned out the harry potter under-stairs storage room and arranged all my precious paint cans on the already-present shelves. it's a pretty tiny area so you'll have to imagine the impressiveness of all my paint cans lined up so nicely. ;)

fish also discovered a couple bits of homeowner history while arranging all those cans. i love seeing these peeks into the past!...like the inscribed cement under our shed.

love this message, haha!

and check out these ribbons hanging on the door of the closet! it's encouraging to find out prize-winning fruit was grown on our property...and i'm somewhat surprised there aren't any ribbons for superior garlic
i'm still trying to decide if i want to frame them somewhere...

...aaand i think that sums up our plans for the basement.
i'll keep you updated on the progress!

* mari

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  1. Even the little things can help a basement! And that washer/dryer is way better then the one our previous owners left us. Thankfully we purchased new ones last year! Love the little temper message left behind..LOL and I think those ribbons framed would be awesome!

    1. haha, i bet you didn't look at the 'before' pics of the washer/dryer. LOL

  2. I am excited to follow along with you for this make-over :)


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