May 28, 2013

oh no! death of an iMac

sooooo...my beloved computer crashed. it's less than three years old and the hard drive died a sudden and violent death. i work from home, i blog from home, i have a shop on etsy...being computer-less is just a little disruptive to my day-to-day life. and i've now been without my iMac for almost TWO weeks. deep breaths.

it's fine. i'm okay. an apple tech is coming today to hopefully get it all straightened out. cross your fingers! 

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  1. Oh no! What caused the violent death of your iMac? I hope the tech have fixed it up. Apparently, your laptop is a vital part of your life, like most of us. That being the case, I suggest you backup your data – either online or thru local storage – to avoid the risk of permanently losing your files
    Ruby Badcoe @


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