May 18, 2013

new outdoor lights

we finally...finally...updated our outdoor lights. wahoo!

changing them out has been on my wishlist since the day we moved in. take a look at their crusty crustiness -- blech!!

grody!! why in the world did we take so long to change them?? it turns out we're extra-picky about outdoor lights. ...oh wait, it took us almost a year to choose a dining room light too...so i guess we're just picky about lights in general.

we wanted something classic, understated. i wanted black fixtures -- to coordinate with the railings, mailbox, house numbers, and chairs. meanwhile, fish doesn't like seeded glass and neither of us wanted frosted glass -- so we concentrated on clear glass lights.

we ended up ordering these from home depot online:

finally! new lights!

they arrived in the mail about a week later. we bought two smaller fixtures to flank the garage and one larger light for beside the front door.

luckily, all the wiring was good -- it was just the bulbs that were bad.

i didn't get any pictures of fish hanging the new lights -- forgive me, i was napping -- but i think it was just a matter of connecting the wires and using a masonry bit to drill the new fixtures into the stone. not to make it sound like i could have gone out there and hung the new lights...

when i awoke from my nap......
ooooh! aaaah!

here's the after:

...and compared to the old fixtures:

worth the wait, in our opinion...!

do you have any outdoor home improvement projects
you plan to tackle this summer?

* mari

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  1. Our front maple tree died so Billy is cutting it down today. :-( I wanted another tree, but after discussion with our neighbors, we found out that trees planted in the front don't last very long. (Soil, drainage, light? Who knows what the deal is.) So the goal is a flag pole. I also want a small deck to provide a safe stairway to the pool so I can take Sully in without help. I'll have to take pictures!

    1. oh no! sad news about the tree...but i'm excited to see what you build for the pool staircase!

  2. That looks so pretty. What a great upgrade.

    I had some string lights delivered for my outside patio. I have yet to hang them. Waiting for dh to have time. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. thanks katja! i'm still working on getting fish to build a pergola for our backyard so i can hang string lights. i definitely want to get them for our son's room though -- or maybe the sunroom?? :D

  3. Lighting is so difficult! But you guys did a great job picking something that works with the style of your house with an overall classic design. I like!

  4. Great picks! We finally changed ours out last year. Amazing how they can make a difference.

  5. It's better to be picky than be regretful at the end. If you carelessly picked out a porch light, you could have ended with a faulty, expensive, and ugly porch light. Better if you are using LED lights with those new porch lights. Love those because I get to save more with my utility bills.

    Allison Shallenberger

  6. One year isn't that long. It's really hard to choose the right fixture that can boosts the appeal of our house. But having a new lighting fixture is definitely something to be excited about. It's nice that you picked the same lighting fixture for your outdoor lights; it looks better, and even complements your brick walls. _Raquel Howell_ @ AquaFlo.com


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