Apr 6, 2013

progress on the front room

do you know where i haven't taken you in a while?

why haven't i shown any pictures of the front room in so long? well...we haven't done much in there. but -- unless you keep up with me on instagram -- it probably looks a lot different than you're expecting.

this is how the room was staged on our house tour:

the first thing we did upon moving in was let in the light:

please excuse the mess -- that was less than a month after we moved in.

then, i painted the room one shade lighter, just for fun:

we got new windows...
i repainted the trim too, in case you were wondering...

...and then...
the front room sat empty.

the last time we spoke, it looked like this:

it remained a large, empty room for a few months ((much to K's delight!))...until we bought a new sofa for the sunroom. instead of getting rid of the old leather couch and loveseat that were originally in the sunroom, we moved them to the front room...along with a couple of other things:

p.s. i dusted my spirographs and now they're all slightly crooked -- argh!

this works...for now.

my favorite items in the room are these pheasant tail feathers and a vintage wooden test tube rack i bought (separately) on etsy:

the etsy seller specifically stated no birds were harmed when collecting the feathers.

later down the road, i think i want to arrange a chaise and two armchairs in here, as so:
you can check out the sources of my inspiration pieces on this pinboard!

i'm not quite positive of the layout yet...and looking at this set-up kinda makes me want to paint the spirograph frames gold...hmmm...

* mari


  1. Love the chaise idea! And that pharmacy lamp? :) Love the inspiration!

  2. You can't even tell it's the same room from when it was first bought! I love that you went curtainless on the windows, it looks so bright and open in there. Your idea board looks great especially with the chairs adding a hint of yellow. I don't know about the frames. I love them black but can see gold being awesome too. Gee, I am not much help!

    1. i hemmed and hawed FOR. EVER. about putting curtains up, then figured screw it! i like it more streamlined, who cares if it's "right!" :)


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