Apr 1, 2013

march in review

happy april first!

it's time once again to review the past month's goings-on at crab+fish. the dreary winter months are just flying by...and i'm very happy about that! soon it will be spraypainting weather again -- wahoo!

the most exciting moment of the month was seeing my gilded nightstand featured in an HGTV #lovehome commercial on tv!
AAAGGGHHHH!! my nightstand is famous! ;)

...but a lot more happened in march besides that!
read on...

the project that made me happiest? my thrilling thrifted washi tape storage of course! it was subsequently featured on jamie's friday five over at {eighteen25}...thanks jamie!

in lieu of fresh flowers, i "potted" some easy-to-care-for air plants:

so perky!

i went back and re-edited pictures for some popular older DIY posts: the pom pom garlands in K's room, a decorative bowl from old magazines, my first attempt at a gold brick doorstop, my pretty and glittery keys, some perfect paper polyhedrons, and a gold frame makeover! whew!

...and in the process of editing pictures, i decided our gold brick doorstop could use a little more gilding:

ah, much better!

like that carpet under the gilded brick doorstop? i also shared my experience with flor carpet tiles!...and i posted a review of kiwi crate subscription boxes while i was at it.

in mini-news, i shared our recipe for homemade playdough and a trick for dealing with persnickety preschooler palates:

in my first ever foray into web design, i posted a FREE download of 140 watercolor social media buttons!

also related to blog design: since celebrating our one-year anniversary in late february (and seeing how much crab+fish has grown in that time!), i finally feel like this is real. over the past month, i made a lot of small changes to work towards a web design i'm thrilled with. i still have a little bit of tinkering to do (learning as i go!), but i love where i'm at so far.

along those lines, i purchased the domain crabandfishblog.com
for a future transition from the blogger platform. 

lastly, i went on a bit of a thrifting bender. i started writing down everything i've learned in the past year about buying "used" -- turns out i've acquired quite a bit of knowledge! five posts worth. wowza! 

i wasn't able to squeeze all of them into march...but i did list my general thrifting tips and some (hopefully!) helpful tips for buying used goods on the internet:

i also got over halfway through my sourcelist for buying vintage:
see part one and part two!

...and look for part three later this week!

this month's popular instagram photos:
come join me: @meandering_mari!

what's coming up in april?
i have no idea!

thank you for taking the time to visit crab+fish...
i hope to see you around in april!

* mari

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  1. What an exciting and creative month you had and I have to say you are quite ambitious to go back and tweak/edit some of your older posts, no matter how much I hate some of mine I could never find that motivation!!

  2. PS. I can't recall if I ever wished you a happy 1st blogiversary!!


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