Apr 27, 2013

happy spring!
(a field trip)

spring is in the air!
...and i'm a picture-taking nut.

i visited our local nursery a few weeks ago and spent a glorious two hours in their greenhouses taking pictures of plants and flowers.

i. was. in. HEAVEN.

why was i taking pictures? because it's fun. more than fun. i love photography and i LOVE flowers...so when i get to combine the two? like i said, heaven. two hours passed so so quickly.

i definitely plan on framing some of the images ((and you can too -- see the end of this post...)). i'm going to use others as inspiration when i paint. i like to paint -- on canvas. have i ever told you that?  and i'll even use these photos for color cues in everything from blogposts to outfits to decor.

let's get to the pictures, yah?

as soon as i got there, one of the employees led me over to the bromeliad section. such crazy looking flowers - it's almost hard to believe some of them are real. here's just two of them...
see those light purple buds in the flower on the right? they seemed almost translucent at their tips. mesmerizing in person, but hard to capture in a photo.

i know i say i love flowers all the time...but i really do love cyclamen! they're so fluttery and delicate and random...
...like a pack bunch rabble ((really??)) of butterflies just landed momentarily on some leaves before fluttering away again.

i was captivated by the vivid colors in these hydrangea petals -- they almost look iridescent, don't they?

and check out the subtle color variation in these begonias:
...like they were dipped in watercolor.

i've never heard of kalanchoe, but it was everywhere in this greenhouse.
so colorful and cheerful!

and now...an orchid smorgasbord. no words needed.

where have i been? i've never seen a pure white orchid before.
have you??

and, of course, i went nuts over their lady slipper orchids.
they are IN. SANE. love them.

i had a tiny lady slipper a few years ago -- brought home from when we toured the greenhouses of an orchid cultivator. i was just telling fish that is still one of the best dates we've ever been on. 

ahem, back to these greenhouses...i also ran across some only-their-mother-could-love-them foliage:
the texture! the hair!

there were also hanging plants everywhere.
this frond-y fern was gigantic!

many of the hanging plants were practically exploding out of their pots:
it was a drizzly gloomy day, but so cozy in the greenhouse!

a different kind of hanger: this enormous air plant...
i wonder if my little guys will ever get that big...

i was tempted to get some succulents...i heard they're nearly as easy to care for as air plants.
...or maybe this is a cactus? i can't remember...
...are they the same thing???

in the middle of all these little cacti...

...was a perfect mini rose:

that wraps up my visit to the local greenhouse...and now i'm in the perfect springy mood to plant some flowers in our newly-bordered flower beds!

happy spring!

if you're interested in purchasing any of these images (without the text, of course), contact me at crabandfishblog@gmail.com and i can send pricing info to you. most will be available for purchase in a storefront later this year.

* mari


  1. Stunning pics!! Were the nursery people looking at you weird walking around for 2 hrs taking pics? LOL Those hydrangeas were similar to the ones we used for our wedding, love 'em!

    1. ha, i asked if it was okay before i started clicking away -- they were actually so accommodating and very nice! we were joking around and i was like one of the gang by the end of my time there!


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