Apr 25, 2013

hanging the dining room chandelier

after much hemming and hawing -- only a year's worth! -- we finally settled on a light fixture for our yellow polka-squared dining room:

it's time to hang this bad boy.

we undertook the task after putting K to bed...

i won't go into detail about the description on this instagram picture, but suffice it to say the bling chandelier is heavy.
there was some cursing involved.

the next morning, bright bleary-eyed and bushy-tailed beat, fish individually attached 126 glass drops. 

...while donning (the included) fancy white gloves!

i observed the progress from underfoot.

ooohhh, starting to look very blingy...

my view:

...and then...
there was LIGHT!
*angel chorus*

warning: many gratuitous pictures of our new chandelier ahead.

now...i'm just waiting for fish to build me a rustic wood dining table to contrast with the blingy light...

* mari

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  1. OOHHH... i LOVE it!! i think i need one of those to hang right over my bed. what a beautiful view i would wake up to every morning.

  2. Stunning!! I LOVE IT! I would have assumed that the whole chandelier would have come in one piece...haha I would have been surprised when I opened that box and saw all those droplets I had to add!!!!

    1. thank you jennifer! lil' archer had fun stacking them...until we noticed what he was playing with! agggh, stop! haha...

  3. Hi, is that the 20" or 35" chandelier? My table is just a little bigger than yours looks and I can't decide which size chandelier would be best. Thanks!

    1. This is the 20" version -- the larger would have been way too big in our tiny dining space! :)

  4. How did the ceiling do with all that weight?


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