Apr 20, 2013

fresh flowers

it's been over a month since i did my last fresh flowers post! don't worry -- i haven't abandoned my love for pretty petals. i've just been focusing more on adding greenery back into our space via houseplants. ...after i accidentally killed our previous plants by giving them sugar water. oops.

i couldn't avoid the siren call of fresh flowers for too long -- this wildflowery bunch practically screamed my name from across the grocery store. of course i snatched it up!

once i got it home, i separated the bouquet into its different components. lest you think i became a flower expert overnight, know i had a little help identifying the blooms.

once i had the blooms separated, i gathered my vases...

...and started playing!

i emerged with these arrangements...

i love the various shades of pink against our deep bluish-green walls. it's a wonderful burst of happiness to wake up to.

i didn't want anything too "girly" for fish's side of the bed so i just dropped the most manly-looking blooms into a vase and called it a day. i like the simplicity of this two-flower arrangement contrasted with the wildness going on on my side of the bed.

i originally thought these yellow guys were sunflowers:
nope -- gerbera daisies.

this cheerful bunch is in our front room, by the spirograph gallery:
i spent a little too much time taking pictures of the process before dropping the stems in water -- the lily leaves started drooping. they're doing better now thankyouverymuch! 

i gathered all the spray roses in one bouquet and placed it behind our kitchen sink with a rose plant i bought at home depot last week. i love them together! like a momma rose watching over her babies...

...and that wraps it up for this week's fresh flowers!

have you brought home any pretty petals lately??
i find it hard not to with spring sooooooo close.

* mari


  1. So cute! I never thought of breaking up a bouquet like that. I need some small vases though, all of mine are jumbo.

    1. thanks maureen! check goodwill or salvation army, i find tons and tons of glass vases -- the small ones are usually just 69c.

      ...which explains the now-abundance i have of vases!

  2. I've never thought to break them up either - so smart!

    1. thank you! i didn't realize it was an unusual thing to do, ha -- i hope you have fun experimenting!

  3. Clever on breaking up the bouquet! I have to say now every time I walk into a store and see the flower section I think of you!

    1. thank you jennifer! that makes me feel like a fraud, haha -- it's been over a month since i've bought fresh flowers. our house is TEEMING with houseplants though and i love it just as much!


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