Apr 16, 2013

choosing a dining room light

please meet the hole in our dining room ceiling. he's almost a year old!
happy birthday hole!

this is what used to live there:
i know some of you will love the old chandelier and wonder why we took it down.

honestly, it's just not us.
maybe without the candle-lights? i think that's what ruins it for me.

in fact, it's so completely "not us" that we'd rather remove it and live with a hole in our ceiling for a year.

am i proud we've lived with this monstrosity for so long??
it's embarrassing, to tell you the truth.

in our defense, there were a lot of other things we considered more important than a new dining room light. also, fish and i couldn't seem to agree on a fixture. we tossed a lot of ideas around and i kept meaning to write a post on our search. but...it never had a conclusion.

so, replacing the old chandelier fell on the backburner.

why was it so hard to settle on a light?

well, i painted the walls polka-square yellow to start.
i love my yellow walls...but it makes choosing a light so hard...

i kept gravitating towards organically shaped fixtures to offset the geometry of all the little squares on the wall. 

1  |  2  |  3  

also, i've been in love with this test tube chandelier by {pani jurek} on etsy since just about the beginning of time. how perfect would it be in the house of two chemistry majors?? 

answer: perfectly perfect.

meanwhile, this was fish's frontrunner:

another point of contention was that fish preferred silver hardware, whereas i leaned towards gold.

after many-many-many-many months of searching for the perfect fixture for our yellow polka-squared dining room, we finally settled on the robert abbey bling chandelier:
i love the fixture itself, but was worried about how the hanging droplets would look in our polka-dotted room. would it be too much??

i initially wanted the deep patina bronze finish as pictured above. fish surprise-ordered the fixture (he was pretty tired of all the indecision and just wanted a light already!)...

...and got it in polished nickel:
i was momentarily disappointed, but then realized -- as much as i don't care for the name of the chandelier -- it does look much more blingy in polished nickel. so i decided to keep an open mind until it was up.

but first...
  i meant to repaint the ceiling ages ago and never got around to it. 

now that we're going to hang this blingy light up...my hand has been forced.

i'll be back soon with updates...

update: click here to see the light hung in all its glory!

* mari


  1. Love all of the options! I have to say that the one you went with is my fav though! Can't wait to see it up! :-)

  2. What a tease you are! You had me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the big reveal!

    1. hahahah, so sorry, taylor! it was turning into a gigantic post so i had to cut it off somewhere and that seemed like the best spot. lol.......

  3. HAHA I was laughing over the thought of how I would have been so disappointed too if Dominic went ahead and ordered or made any decor decision for me....I mean us. LOL I loved all your light options (although I have to say that orginal chandelier would look pretty magnificant in some cool pop of color.....turquoise anyone???) Once I saw you were thinking all those different fun light shapes to off set the polka dots I was like YES! YES! YES!Can't wait to see the final one up!


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