Apr 23, 2013

a henredon campaign chest on craigslist

i was living my life, minding my own business...and i decided to check if anything good had been posted on craigslist lately. mostly because i was bored. i didn't even pick my lazy butt off the couch: i used the CL app on my phone, navigated to the "furniture by owner" section...and my heart stopped for a moment. 

look at what had just been posted:
aaaagghh! i totally got that heated, frenzied, i-must-have-this feeling.

interlude: the craigslist app i use on my phone is the one by escargot studios. i like it a whole lot -- even better than looking at craigslist from an actual computer. it doesn't confuse me and it's easy to see the pictures. ...and it enables me to craigslist from the couch.

back to the campaign chest...! it was listed for $125 and that didn't seem like too bad of a price to me. i immediately contacted the seller: i offered $100, said we could pick it up that weekend, and told her how much i loved the piece. 

some people advise against telling sellers you love their items as it makes them less inclined to bargain with you. but, i think if it's an obviously nice piece that was probably treasured by the family, they would prefer to pass that item on to someone that will appreciate it as much or more than they did.

i heard back from the seller within a few hours: if i could paypal $100 to her by that night, she would hold the campaign chest for me until the weekend. score!
(psst! check out my tips for buying used goods on the internet - i googled her paypal email address, phone number, and home address to see if anything fishy popped up before sending her the funds.)

i waited impatiently for the weekend to come...then rounded up a few neighbors to help fish get the chest from the seller's basement...drive it to our house...and lug it up our wind-around stairwell:
there was an emergency unscrewing of one of the handrails while four men held the chest in its jammed position at the curve. we most definitely owe a few neighbors some favors now!

there were only a few casualties getting the piece up and around our staircase:

it was sooooo worth the hassle once the dresser was all situated. obviously, the craigslist pictures did not do it justice. look at it against our wall color! LOVE. IT.

the tone and richness of the wood is gorgeous:

bonus to this beautiful chest: its massive amount of storage means we'll be able to remove TWO other pieces from the room, the neighboring white dresser being one of them:
there will be a bit of a furniture shuffle and some dresser makeovers when we get around to moving what we want to move. yay, spraypainting weather!

once we remove the extra furniture from the room, i'll scoot the chest down the wall a bit more...but, this is how the hallway view coming up the stairs has changed:

so. many. compartments!

i'm crazy about the texture of the ridged wood doors:

after ogling the chest for an hour (...or two...or five...), i naturally did what any ((oversharing)) individual would and posted a picture on instagram (@meandering_mari):

...at which point my IG pal (and soon-to-be summer flea market guide!) erin of erin giglia design asked if it was a henredon. a what now??

a quick search on etsy revealed:
oh. if it is a henredon, i pretty much got the Deal of the Century at $100.

a few days later, i opened a drawer to get a piece of clothing and saw:

...aaand i'm pretty much feeling like a master craigslister right now.

actually, i should probably be browsing for my next deal...

* mari

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  1. Love! The piece is awesome!

  2. That is an awesome piece! What a score. Don't you just love Craigslist!

  3. I am in full furniture envy right now!!! �� WOW.
    Teach me your ways oh, gifted one of Craigslist and thrifting finds!!!!

    You have now won the AWESOMESAUCE award!

    1. abbie!! different forum, weird in a good way, haha! thank you!! :)

  4. Congrats are due.... it is a gorgeous piece and Henredon on top of that!

  5. Very cool piece. Thanks for all the photos of Newburg Green on the walls. Helped my wife and I decide on it for some pop in the living room. https://flic.kr/p/LuG4MK

  6. So happy to hear that! It's still one of my favorite wall colors ever. :)


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