Apr 4, 2013

25 sources for vintage home decor,
part three.

are you tired of me talking trash-to-treasure yet? 

i hope not, because here's the third and final installment of:

if you kept up with me last week, then you already read my general tips on thrifting. i also reviewed the first fifteen sources of vintage home decor: the obvious places as well as some that can be found around the neighborhood.

here's a quick recap of those:

1. goodwill / salvation army
2. consignment shops
3. thrift stores / resale shops
4. antique shops
5. flea markets

6. garage sales / moving sales
7. church resale shops and/or rummage sales
8. library used bookstores / used book sales
9. restaurant/store closing sales
10. estate sales
11. auctions
12. salvaged wood/fixture warehouses
13. coin/collectible/"we buy gold"-type stores
14. family and friends
15. previous homeowners

i then paused to review ten things i've learned about buying used goods on the internet...which may lead you to believe i'm next covering the World Wide Web on my sourcelist.

i am!

because most tips for buying on the internet are the same no matter what website you're browsing, i simply listed the online sources for the most part.

From the Comfort of Your Home

when i'm in the craigslist mood, i check the "free" section daily and often. other sections i browse: furniture, tools, garage sale listings, and household. emily henderson wrote a great post about buying vintage on craigslist here.

17. ebay
including ebay classifieds (formerly kijiji)

18. etsy (vintage section)
i love etsy. i usually browse late at night, adding items to my cart willy-nilly to decide on in the morning. it's no surprise then that i often get the warning message that my etsy cart can only hold 99 items. whoops!

furnishly is similar to etsy, but all the storefronts represent actual shops. they are focused on vintage (no handmade items) and the area you live in: online stock of resale shops in your area. amazing, right?

23. online flash sales groups
ex: fab.com (vintage section), onekingslane.com (vintage market finds section), scowters.com (weekly sales on their facebook page)

24. one-of-a-kind sections at online stores
ex: canvas, urban outfitters, furbish...i swear cb2 had one, but i'm not currently seeing it...

25. other
i didn't feel like looking for and listing every resale website known to man, but here are a few big ones: 1stdibs, decornyc, pieces   

BONUS source!
26. garbage-picking
i'm not averse to grabbing something that catches my eye off the curb on garbage day! if it's with the garbage cans, i think it's fair game...but there's nothing wrong with asking permission from the homeowner before you drag it away.

so there you (finally!) have it! all 25 26 sources for vintage goods!

if you'd like to keep up with my shopping finds, look for me on instagram @meandering_mari! i post way more often than i should, but i love taking pictures so i don't think there's any chance of separating me from my favorite social media outlet.

did i miss any sources of vintage home decor?
got some good tips you'd like to share?

let me know in the comments!

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* mari

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  1. I LOVE this series! Thank you for posting!

    1. thank you!! i surprised myself by how much i had to say!

  2. LOVED the series as well! And I had no idea there were so many online options! This could be dangerous ;)

    1. thank you jennifer! all inspired from your one innocent question... ;)

  3. Awesome post! Can't wait to get thrifting for our new digs!

    1. thank you BTO! i can't wait to see what you find! :)


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