Mar 2, 2013

the easiest houseplant ever

in lieu of buying fresh flowers this week, i decided to try my hand at air plants.

don't they look like pineapple tops? i love their perkiness!

i chose a few of the most common variety, tillandsia.

i found them on etsy.

they're so tiny!

even their roots are adorable:

having an extensive supply of little containers, i was definitely excited to pot my little air plants. because they don't like to sit in water -- neither do i! i can't stand that pruny feeling! -- they shouldn't be potted in soil like traditional houseplants. 

instead, i used gravel:

now, here's the hard part:
pour the gravel into a container of your choosing...

...then plop the air plant in!

this is a wall-mounted glass votive holder from cb2.

container options are nearly limitless -- 
as long as the plant will get good air flow. 

i also tried out a vintage milk glass bowl with larger stones:

i like the ramrod straight leaves with the undulating rim of the dish.

...and my favorite-favorite of all -- a vintage brass trinket dish! 

it's divided into three small compartments so i plopped an air plant in each one.

the only  thing i didn't love about it was the lid that folded straight back:

so i used a tiny twig to prop it forward as so:


the instructions that came with my air plants said to submerge them in water once a week. sounds easy enough! 

i'll keep you updated on my success or failure with these...

what do you think?
are you going to give air plants a try?

...or have you already?
and if so, do you have any tips for me??

* mari


  1. You are pulling my leg!! Really? That's all that's to them? I love that they don't require dirt and they are so adorable and little!

    1. yes! go get some, the fact they haven't died yet really boosts my self esteem...maybe i'll try my luck at orchids again, ha!

  2. Super cute! I have never owned a plant! I guess I would need to look into dog friendly ones - my roommate has a big potted tree that Louie likes to paw around in sometimes. Eek.


    1. you've never owned a plant EVER?? any kind of plant? i think there are lots of dog-friendly plants you can get...unless he just likes to paw in the dirt, haha!

  3. These look amazing! They are so cute, I want some.


    1. hi cole, thanks for stopping by! air plants are seriously adorable! i found mine on etsy, not sure if they're sold in home depot-type stores or not. i haven't seen them there, but i haven't gone looking for them either so they may just be hiding off of the main aisle.


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