Mar 12, 2013

miniDIY: homemade playdough

remember how i volunteered to do the halloween party for K's preschool class? ...and then the valentine's day party? oh yes, and the st. patrick's day party coming up...eeps...

i was apparently feeling ambitious on sign-up day. i also volunteered to bring in homemade playdough for the kiddos several times this year.

i was making it for the fifth (sixth? seventh? hundredth?) time last weekend when it occurred to me: i should share the recipe in case any of you want to make playdough for your little ones.

it's reallllllllllly easy.
otherwise i wouldn't have volunteered to do it.

here's what you need:

also...food coloring if you want it to be pretty.

combine all the ingredients in a pot over medium heat:


keep stirring...
this is only a minute or two after placing on heat.

before the dough starts forming,
add seven million drops of food coloring:
really, it's up to you. how pigmented do you want the dough to be?

stir in the color:

...until uniformly blended:

now's the time to add more dye if the color isn't deep enough for you.
another million drops...!

less than five minutes after you start, you'll have a big lump of dough:

at this point, i take it out of the pot...

...then knead it a bit, just to get it all blended.

after playing, store it in an airtight container -- 
it will be good for two weeks.

have you made playdough before?
did you do anything different than my recipe?

* mari

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  1. I honestly never knew you could make your own playdough. Just think of the color possibilties when you start mixing and matching the food coloring!

    1. yes, and the muscle workout! it gets hard to stir when it starts forming into a dough.......knowing you, you'll throw some glitter in there too! ;)

  2. Awww!! I love that you do this for your little guy!! Reminds me of when my kiddos were little ones!!!....sigh...... Although, even at 18 and 14 they would probably still like it!! Maybe even more!! Haha!!

    I remember making this one because it had the cream of tartar and I had no idea there was another kind of tartar and it wasn't for fish!! :) I also remember one colored with Kool Aid, I think. It smelled really good!! Thank you for bringing back sweet memories! :)

    1. ooh, i'll have to search for the kool-aid recipe...although i probably shouldn't make anything that smells *too* good because my boy will definitely try to take a bite of it, ha! luckily, we have cream of tartar on hand ALWAYS because it's a key ingredient in creme brulee, which my darling fish learned how to make just for me. <3


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