Mar 14, 2013

kiwi crate:
kids' crafts subscription kits!

if you've been reading this blog for any length of time,
you know i'm crazy about crafts. 

...and i love getting crafty with K as well! 

i'm usually pretty good at thinking up different projects for us to do, but sometimes we get stuck in ruts. i think we made approximately seven hundred sidewalk chalk villages last year.

so, i was pretty excited to have the opportunity recently to try out kiwi crate, a subscription service that delivers a box of kid's crafts goodies to your door once a month!

the box came addressed to K:
...and it contained everything we needed to get our craft on.

we received the robot rally crate,
which came with supplies for two robot-themed projects:

...and a little wind-up robot for good measure!

K had lots of fun with him:

now...time for crafting!

i like that the direction pamphlets show how messy each project is and how much parents need to get involved right on the cover. let's face it though: if it's craft-related, i will be involved.

i showed the two activities to K and let him pick which one he wanted to do first. he chose the the a-mazing robot.

notice his little robot buddy there to assist...

he discovered the "magic" magnetized wand about halfway through decorating our robot...aaand i pretty much lost him at that point!
he had so much fun making his robot fly,
we never even got to the maze!

that's okay because i wasn't really expecting to be able to sit down and go through the whole box of crafts with a three-year-old. i like it better this way because one kit will now last us at least two afternoons. the crates are recommended for children ages 3-7 years old.

i liked the kiwi crate craft so much that i'm ordering a subscription. i'll be sure to post about any other fun we've had with future boxes.

check kiwi crate out here (that's my affiliate link) if you're interested. in addition to subscriptions, they offer single crates, party favors, and gift options. they also have a shop featuring toooooons of really nice kids' craft materials. there's no stopping an adult from using them though...ahem...

do any of you already subscribe to kiwi crate?

where else do you turn when you're out of creative ideas for your little one?
let me know in the comments!

* mari

disclosure: kiwi crate sent me a free box to review. all opinions are 100% my own. i am paying for our continued subscription with them.

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  1. So funny that ever since you mentioned them to me I have seen them all over the place now! Look forward to seeing all the fun things you guys create with your subscription!

    1. me too! i think they're working hard to raise awareness -- and i (obviously) love the opportunity to help. it's a great concept and is well-executed. they really thought of everything! :)

  2. I got a subscription to Kiwi Crate for my little niece's birthday (6 years old: 6 months). I paid for extra supplies to arrive in every box for her 3-year-old brother. The most recent Crate was really cool: a spy theme!

    The kids LOVE Kiwi Crate. And right now the company is promoting summer subscriptions: for every new scrip they receive, Kiwi Crate will send a box to a mission in Zimbabwe. I'm African born, and this makes me beyond happy.

    I'm a fan. :)


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