Mar 7, 2013

how to trick your toddler
into eating fruit

this whole saga started one day when i offered K some cantaloupe and he screamed "NOOOOOO!" in disgust.

here's the thing.

i bought a cantaloupe from the grocery store at his request.

i just spent ten minutes of my life cutting it up.

and he likes cantaloupe. 
i've witnessed him firsthand eating it. and smiling!

so...how to get around a persnickety preschooler palate??
i decided to trick my three-year-old into eating it.

i started brainstorming while staring down at these chunks of fruit.

...and i remembered a day long, long ago that i let K have...

...a lollipop.

a boy and his lollipop -- it seemed so innocent.
until about ten minutes later when i couldn't pry my hyper munchkin off the ceiling.

that was his last and only lollipop.

all this is running through my mind while K is in a near-meltdown that i would dare offer him cantaloupe. i quickly grabbed the straw from his toddler cup ((you know the ones)) and stabbed the cantaloupe...

...then interrupted him mid-nooooooooo:

"how about a lollipop?"

was this a trick??
no trickery here, no siree!

before long, he was making his own lollipops!
he ate about half a cantaloupe when all was said and done!

are you a victim to the fickle tastes of a mini-tyrant?
try it out and let me know if it works for you!

and please leave any other tricks you have up your sleeve for getting a toddler to eat in the comments!

* mari

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  1. Now that is creative! Love it!!

    I used craft Popsicle sticks and my 3 year old was very excited to eat her strawberries and today her apple!
    She doesn't eat a ton of fruit, but does eat some instead of none!
    Thanks for the idea.

    1. susan, this is so rewarding to hear! i struggle so much to get lil' archer to eat anything semi-healthy so i know your pain.


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