Mar 19, 2013

go back in time...

if you keep up with me on instagram (@meandering_mari), you know i've been busy re-editing pictures on some of my more popular older posts. while i was poking about, i also clarified the instructions on a few of them. mainly, it was the horrendous photos that were bugging me though...and i was finally able to sit down and correct them. it's insane how much my photo-editing improved in just one year. not that it's the bee's knees now, but it's much better than it was.

check out the makeovers below!
...and if you don't remember what they looked like before?
that's just fine with me.

this bowl i made from old magazines was my very first DIY post! over a year later, it remains one of the most popular, second only to my washi tape switchplates.

not long after making my magazine bowl, i folded these polyhedra from some pretty paper i had laying around. spike -- i'll let you guess which one he is -- currently lives on my nightstand. math dorks unite!

i made these pom pom garlands for K's room just a few weeks after we moved in. they're still up and i still love them.

K loves them too -- check out this picture from instagram:


next up: keeping your keys straight with nail polish -- no base coat or top coat needed! for this post, i had to take brand new pictures. i also added more information about specifically what i did.

i updated my post on this picture frame makeover as well. some craft paint and washi tape did wonders for these plain gold frames!

the last post i fancied up was this painted brick doorstop from last spring. however, i'm planning to makeover the actual brick so you'll be seeing him again...sooner rather than later...

i hope you enjoy these mini-makeovers!
i'm sure more will be coming at some point in the future...

* mari

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