Mar 1, 2013

february in review

aaaaaggghh, it's march!
march is spring!
spring is here!
don't mind all that snow outside...

before we dive headfirst into spring, i'm going to take a moment and recap what we did around here last month.

first up, some valentine's day crafts: dinosaur-themed treat bag toppers, easy painted heart stones (try painting shamrocks for st. patrick's day!), and toddler snacks and juice boxes decked out for the preschool v-day party:

after much preparation (see here, here, then here), we finally had an automatic garage door installed...just in time for the lightest dusting you've ever seen of snow!

some of the stuff from the garage ended up in the basement -- so fish (now a strapping 30-year-old man) went ahead and improved our downstairs storage by 3000% (official harvard study) in less than two days time:

...and since he was on a roll, he set aside fifteen minutes or so to replace the nipple-fixture in the kitchen with an unobtrusive ikea track light.

yes, we still need to paint the ceiling...sigh.

i have a little crazy-face going on in that picture.

...maybe because i'm secretly (...openly?) a crazy rabbit lady?

i walked you through how to make some fun circle art... 

...and i shared another pretty bunch of fresh flowers!
you can view previous installments here.

i finally got around to painting our master bedroom
a dramatic transformation from boring beige to moody bluish-green!

...which leads to my most exciting news o' the month: i snapped a quick picture of how good my gilded nightstand looks with the new wall color and posted it on instagram (@meandering_mari)...and now it might be used in hgtv's #lovehome campaign!


update: my gilded nightstand is featured in an hgtv #lovehome commercial that began airing on tv in march 2013!

since we have new green walls, we should get a new closet curtain, right?
of course!

near the end of the month, i broke down and joined twitter (@crabandfishblog). i have no idea what i'm doing. if you're ever having a bad day, stop by and follow me. you can revel in my ineptitude at new technology.

finally, to wrap up this wrap-up, i'd like to announce our one-year anniversary was february 27! can you believe we've been blogging for a whole year??!

thank you all so much for coming along on our first home journey with us!

* mari
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  1. Holy smokes! I just realized it's March. I didn't even think about my February in review yet! AND double holy smokes that is awesome about HGTV. I still adore your Vday party treats and the new light and now I need to catch up on your curtain and dot art post (I am behind this week on my favorite reads!)But most of all SUPER BIG CONGRATS on your 1 year!! Isn't it crazy how time flies? Cheers to another year!

    1. aaagh, YES! thank you, thank you -- so much crazy stuff last month. i don't appreciate it all until i write these recap posts.


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