Mar 4, 2013

an honest review:
flor carpet tiles in the entryway

this post is not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with flor, inc. we purchased flor carpet tiles with our own money and i wanted to provide an account of our experience.

our entry area was crying out for help. with all the snow, ice, and water we've been tracking in, the dinky little rug (while cute) wasn't cutting it:

i originally was thinking about getting a runner to span from the front door alllll the way to the kitchen entrance.

there were a few problems with this solution: i couldn't find a runner i liked long enough to fill the 13-foot span...and i wasn't sure what to do at the front door.
   have the runner go all the way to the door with no mat?
   keep the doormat, then start the runner??
   put the doormat on top of a runner???

an internet friend (interior designer J -- you can check out her pins here) suggested a large square rug in front of our door. i liked that idea much better than my own so i started searching for square rugs that might look good in the space and still be functional.
i wasn't finding anything quite right...then i remembered flor carpet tiles. we used them a few years ago when we were living in a loft and were happy with how they held up. we still have them, actually...we're using them in fish's study-space.

i meandered over to flor's website -- their options are almost overwhelming. luckily, they have a lot of ways to narrow down the selection and i decided to search by area of the home since the most important quality to me was that it be able to withstand a high amount of traffic.

i narrowed the choices down to:

after much deliberation, i ended up choosing the lacebark tile due to its variegated pattern - i assumed it would be the hardest to spot dirt on. really, i think i would have been happy with any of final styles i was choosing from.

i didn't feel like doing any more thinking so i entered the dimensions of the area we needed to cover and flor's calculator told me how many tiles to buy. each tile is 19.7" square.
i ordered ten total so i'd have extra on hand in case of spills or stains.

the flor carpet tiles arrived in a thick pizza box a few days later:
oof, they're heavy!

...and sooo pretty...

close-up of the texture:

...and they match our walls and built-in-shoe-shelf curtains perfectly!
i don't think i could have picked a better match.

after giggling like a maniac about the perfect color coordination,
i cleared the space out and cleaned the floor.

then, i thought about pattern. flor recommends arranging the lacebark style in a criss-cross pattern because the color striations don't line up from tile to tile.

even though they don't align perfectly, i much preferred the more streamlined look of all the lines running in the same direction:

next decision: should i form more of a mini-runner as pictured above...

...or go baseboard to baseboard?
i liked the look of the carpet from wall to wall best. it also made sense since i would be putting the boot tray and umbrella stand back in the space and didn't want them sitting unevenly, partly on the floor and partly on the rug.

i didn't feel the need to use a carpet pad underneath flor carpet tiles. had i decided on more of a runner style formation, i still wouldn't use a pad because the bottom of each tile is rubberized and quite grippy on its own.

for a carpet that filled the whole area, i had some cutting to do. flor provided instructions on how to trim the tiles -- it really was pretty painless. just don't overcut!

after an hour or so of cutting, i was left with a tidy pile of scraps:
glue on some binding and they would be cute dollhouse rugs or welcome mats, wouldn't they?? saving the idea for if/when i ever have a girl...

i did end up needing the eight tiles that flor recommended.

once my tiles were all laid out...

i used the included super-sticky dot stickers to adhere the tiles together at each intersection. i just lifted up each corner, placed the dot on the floor sticky-side up and pushed the tiles back down onto the dots. easy-peasy!

flor supplied more than enough dots - i was left with four extra.

after all is said and done, it is exactly what i wanted for the space and i love how it turned out. i was done in just a couple of hours.

p.s. don't feel bad for the dinky rug that used to be at the entry -- we were in need of a kitchen mat so i reused it there!
woohoo for everything working out!

* mari

this post is not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with flor, inc. we purchased flor carpet tiles with our own money and i wanted to provide an account of our experience.


  1. You definitely went the right route going baseboard to baseboard - it looks seamless - as if the hardwoods start where the flor tiles stop. Looks like a dedicated entry space instead of a rug. Great job! :)


  2. I always wondered about those flor tiles and I agree the baseboard to baseboard look was the way to go. It's like they were meant to be there AND they do match perfectly. Gotta love when that happens!

  3. It looks great!! The wall-to-wall cover makes it look like it was installed professionally!! My sister and I had carpet tiles in our room as kids a looooonggg time ago...shag with red, orange and pink!! Thankfully, the ones these days, well, aren't those!! :)

    1. thank you, laura! ......i think flor *does* offer red, orange, and pink shag if you're feeling nostalgic... ;)

    2. Haha!!! Yeaaa...not so much!! You know how most memories soften over time? Not that carpet! The brightness of that shag is as strong as ever...quite the carpet, that was!! :)

  4. I've been looking at getting this product for a couple areas of my home. Unfortunately, I have been reading some scathing reviews about how they don't withstand high traffic areas well and that the adhesive dots start to lose their power and the squares start to loosen from one another. Is this still holding up well for you?

    1. Oh no! I can't speak for others, but we haven't had that experience at all. Of course, it hasn't even been a year, but the Flor tiles have so far held up fantastically to a Midwestern snowy winter and rainy spring/summer. The pattern we chose hides any dirt extremely well. I just vacuum once a week with the rest of my floors and they look as good as new.

      As for the dots becoming loose, that has not happened to us. Of course, I placed our tiles wall to wall so there's really nowhere for the carpet to shift anyway. However, speaking from experience of our old Flor tiles when we lived in a loft -- K spilled paint on one of the tiles and I had to replace it with a new square. The dots were so extremely sticky - like industrial strength - I actually had a hard time getting just the one tile loose from the dots so I could replace with a new square. I think I even broke a nail. So -- in my experience -- the dots are preeeeeeeetty sticky. :)

  5. Hello, I see you wrote this post over a year ago now. Can you comment on the durability of the FLOR tiles? How well have they held up in your high traffic space?
    Thank you!

    1. hi there! the flor tiles have held up really well for us. my initial plan was to store them during the summer to extend their life, but we ended up leaving them in place since first installing them and we've had no problems. they haven't shifted, they held up to the polar vortex as well as a rambunctious four-year-old. we haven't even had to use our backup tiles. i think partially due to the pattern i chose, there don't seem to be any stains despite heavy traffic. i vacuum leaf bits and dirt up easily with the wood floor attachment i use for the rest of our house.

      please let me know if you have any other questions!

      mari :)

  6. It looks great. But what if you have to move? Do you think it's going to be very difficult to remove the Flor and the dots? I'm thinking of making a larger rug out of the tiles.

    1. hello! not at all! the flor tiles aren't connected to the floor -- the dot stickers just connect the tiles together. it lays on top of the floor like any other rug, except it has a more rubbery bottom. :)

    2. But, over time, the tiles -will- adhere to the floor. They will,also discolor the floor under the tiles. Ask me how I know . . . 😕 And we,ve found Flor's customer service to be abominable.

    3. Like Rita I have found FLOR customer service to be nonexistent. Our experience has also been that the tiles do not hold up well to normal wear and tear. We have had a problem with an odor coming from our tiles that has only compounded the longer we have them (less than one year now and I STILL cannot get anyone at FLOR customer service to respond to my multiple requests for a warranty claim). Perhaps some styles are more resilient than others?

  7. Nice Collection! I really loved this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. We just refinished our hardwood floors and were considering using Flor, but I have read that the backing on some rugs react poorly with the finish on hardwood. Have you noticed any effect of Flor on your wood floors? Thanks!

    1. Hi, anonymous -- sorry for the late reply! We haven't noticed any adverse effects on our wood floors, however our floors were not in pristine condition to begin with and probably need to be refinished in the near future anyway.

  9. Wow, Steven, what a completely disinterested post. Crab&Fish, can you tell me what if you HAD chosen to use a pad? Do you know anything about how well that works? I am looking at using these tiles on a cold concrete floor and am thinking a pad might help with warmth. Not the horsehair kind-- was thinking of the kind that looks like creamy rubber with holes.

    1. Hi, anonymous, thanks for alerting me to the spam comment. :)

      I'm not sure how well using a rug pad would work. I could see how you'd prefer it with a concrete floor, but we didn't feel we needed one on wood floors. I know exactly what kind you're talking about and am interested to know if it helps with warmth! thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. :)

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