Feb 12, 2013

preschool valentine's day snack
(...and more!)

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when i signed up to be the february room parent at K's school, i remember thinking: oh goody, i'll get to throw the valentine's day party! without any hint of sarcasm. i even started a board on pinterest devoted to planning for the lovey-dovey festivites.

...but then february arrived and i was more: oh CR@P! why does valentine's day have to be so EARLY in the month?? why do we have to celebrate LOVE?? ...kidding, of course...

luckily, that pinterest board did come in handy -- i found this quasi-healthy valentine-themed preschool snack and i made a quick trip out to the grocery store to get the ingredients.

see the recipe after the jump!

i found the original recipe by holly on {baby steps 365} and this is how i adapted it. the amounts are based on K's class size.

i measured out my ingredients:

...then poured all except the frosted mini wheats into a bowl and mixed:

it was then submitted for toddler-approval: 

onto the containers: i bought 9-oz clear plastic cups...but you know no way are they festive enough for me. i didn't want to do anything complicated though so i grabbed pink and red washi tape i already had on hand:

i cut small strips of tape and applied them haphazardly to the cups:

there was no measuring or planning at all.
i love how they turned out!

next, i evenly distributed the mix into the cups: 

...but what about the mini wheats??

they're quite a bit larger than the other ingredients so instead of mixing them in, i took a cue from holly and used the squares of strawberry frosted mini wheats as topping:

for transportation, i covered each cup with plastic and used muffin pans as cup holders so they won't spill. 

hey, wait...these toddlers are going to be thirsty!
enter: red juice boxes. 

i originally planned to serve them as is...i mean, they're red.  but, just to make extra-sure these kiddos realized they were Special Valentine's Juice Boxes, i decided to fancy them up a teeny bit. 

i punched holes in the corner of some foam heart stickers: 

...then stuck them on top of the box so the hole lined up with the straw opening: 

make sure to punch the side of the heart so most of the shape fits on the top of the juicebox. i originally punched the center, but then a large portion of sticky under-heart was hanging over the edge. 

that's it, easy-peasy!

i didn't even have to take the straws off this time. 

lastly, i used pinking and scalloped shears to cut out some wonkified hearts:

i'm bringing a crapton of red and pink and purple stickers and stamp pads so the kids can make valentines for their parents.  

K and i made these earlier this week for his grandparents:  we formed hearts with our thumbprints and i thought the parents of his classmates would like little thumbprint hearts as well. of their children, not K's. 

that about wraps up my plans for this preschool party...besides the dino treat bags we'll be handing out. don't forget they're free -- did you get yours?

anyone else get stuck doing...er, sign up for! the valentine's party at your kid's school?

what do you have planned??

update: the snack was a hit with the toddler set -- they loved it! 

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* mari


  1. Get out of town! I don't which is cuter the treat cups or the fact that you put the hearts on the juice boxes!!! Speaking of the treats those look awfully yummy. Wish I had some to snack on now! BEST room parent ever!!!

    1. haha, thanks! i was surprised at what a hit the juice box hearts were -- it took me *literally* two minutes to do! the treats WERE yummy and there was a lot of variety in it so even if a kid didn't like raisins (( i can't really blame them there! )), they still had yogurts drops or cereal bits, etc. good if you have a lot of picky eaters.

  2. SO cute! Love all the details you added to dress up the containers! Thanks for sharing and linking back! :)

  3. I found your page via pinterest and I was hooked at your first couple of lines. I too am a room mom this year and also have to do the Valentines party for the class... searching for ideas and SO glad I stumbled across yours. Will now be a follower!! :)

    1. thank you so much for your kind words, kim! <3

  4. Where do you find the yogurt drops? Thanks! Can't wait to make!

    1. hi anonymous, I found them by the toddler snacks, like puffs and pouches. :)


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