Feb 19, 2013

nipple-lights be gone!

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so. i'm still loving our new light over the kitchen sink.
in case you were wondering.

(you can buy it here!)

the kitchen is now a place i love to be in!

not to cook or anything.
i pretty much just stand around and stare at the pretty land of nod fixture.

...and try my very best to ignore the nipple light still hanging around:

our plan was to replace it with a farkost ceiling track fixture we bought from ikea a couple of weeks ago. we wanted a simple light -- definitely stainless to tie into the appliances, but nothing flashy. the farkost fit the bill:

fish made quick work of it. 

out with the nipple.
in with the farkost.

yah, we really need to paint the ceiling...

vast improvement fixture-wise though:

one concern with switching out fixtures was that we wouldn't have enough light in the kitchen. our only qualm so far is that the ikea fixture has the type of bulbs that need to "warm up" to their full brightness. so it's a bit dim when we initially flip the switch, but there's more than enough light within a minute or so.

and check out what's been happening on instagram (@meandering_mari):
but land of nod does too!

how cool...
finally, someone more exclamation-point-happy than me. (!)

* mari

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