Feb 28, 2013

new master closet curtain

sometimes, it truly is the small things that make a large impact.

today, the small change is adding a curtain to our master closet:
i swear i ironed it.

the master closet has gone through a few transformations since we purchased our house last year. there were initially sliding doors on the closet, as you can see from this wonky picture taken during the home inspection:

note the old light fixture as well...and see how fish replaced it here!

however, one door was completely off track and we couldn't figure out how to get it back on. we suspect the previous homeowners couldn't either because there were loads of scrapes and scratches at the top of the door.

i painted them white pretty soon after we moved in.
no pictures, sorry...

a few weeks later, we removed the doors completely and the closet was just THERE. i obviously couldn't take that for too long, so i bought a tension rod and hung a very pretty light gray linen curtain...that i was too lazy to hem right away.

the thoughts that go through my head when i look at that picture:
sidebar: the reason we didn't get new sliding doors is because we are thinking about possibly turning this into a walk-in closet...way, way, WAY in the future. there are two small linen closets abutting the back of the master closet and if we knock out the wall between them, we'd be left with a pretty sizable space.

all was fine and dandy, until i repainted the sunroom and snagged the gray curtain from the master to use downstairs:
it went so perfectly in the newly painted sunroom, i had to steal it.

so. bare closet in the master once again.

oh! but in the meantime, i painted our master a deep, dark, moody bluish-green:

then...west elm had 20% off all curtains.
i browsed a bit...considered these:

...and ended up purchasing the tali printed panel!

i love it.

it's an interesting pattern, but still neutral.

here's the curtain with the room:
...it almost looks like a finished space!
when did that happen???

* mari
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  1. I love it!!! Texture and pattern, but still neutral...excellent choice!!

    So, really....that color is _amazing_!!! It never looks bad and makes all that it touches so gorgeous!! That picture of your hall area is totally transformed and looks like a magazine shot!! Beautiful!!

  2. It looks amazing! It's come together so perfectly :)


  3. I really enjoy your creaitvity

  4. Great choice! They look great and I love the pattern on them. I am kicking myself for not noticing a curtain sale at West Elm!

    1. thank you, jennifer! psst, rugs are on sale now, haha! :)


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