Feb 5, 2013

new garage door

one of fish's must-haves when we were house-hunting was a garage to house his car during the long, cold, and likely-snowy winters. since we moved in at the end of spring, making the garage usable wasn't our first priority.
   ...or even our seventy-fifth priority. we did a lot before tackling the garage.

however, summer was over, fall was here, and winter was impending before we knew it. fish got the whole parking-his-car-in-the-garage process started by building a shed (curious? here's part one and part two) to house the strollers, bikes, trikes, mowers, blowers, and 'barrows...

once the shed was complete, fish was able to move nearly everything out of the garage to make room for his car.

but, what's an empty garage without an automatic door??
that's right, a gloriously spacious spraypainting station!

the existing (nasty! rotting!) ceiling couldn't support the mechanics of an automatic door so fish got to work tearing it down...

we discovered a beautiful old wooden frame hiding beneath...above!...the rotting plaster ceiling and we chose to leave it bare instead of drywalling over it.

we were finally ready for Lowe's to come out and install the new automatic garage door! *snoopy dance*

we ended up having to custom order the door since our garage is apparently a non-standard size. the cost wasn't too terrible though. we also paid for installation because, frankly, the cost was worth fish's head not exploding. or freezing his you-know-whats off. it was cold that day.

so while we relaxed in the sunroom, the Lowe's Installation Team ((one guy)) took out the old door and put in our new one. fish went out and helped with the labor. i had a toddler to watch.
   ...did i mention it was cold outside?

before the house hunters marathon was over, we had a new door!
just like that.

just in time!

p.s. we would definitely highly highly recommend the chamberlain whisper drive garage door opener. it's eerily quiet!

so...now what?

remember this picture from many, many moons ago?

here it is updated:

WAIT. why isn't "buy new garage door" on there??
i really wanted to cross that off, dangit!

we've done a pretty good job of fixing what we wanted to fix outside.
next on the Exterior To Do list is new lights.

* mari


  1. Ooh buying a new garage door is kind of exciting like in a weird way. It's way better than say furnace shopping! I like the little windows on it AND I can't wait to see what you get for the exterior lights. I always wanted REALLY, REALLY big lantern looking ones but the price was never right :(

    1. thank you!! we've been looking for outdoor lights for aaages, but can't find any we love-love-love...maybe you're not supposed to feel that way about outdoor lights?

      p.s. i love shopping so much, i'm pretty sure i would still have fun buying a furnace, haha...


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