Feb 1, 2013

january in review

whew, january was crazy-busy here at {crab+fish}...

this was mostly due to the fact that i committed to
apartment therapy's january cure.

i started 2013 off with a whimper: a tutorial on how to do a google search by image. not a fun, creative post...but definitely helpful to know.

then...along with the rest of the world...i went on an organizing RAMPAGE. no room was safe. the first thing i did was re-organize all of K's toys.  a clean-out was especially necessary after the mass influx of trucks and blocks from his birthday and christmas.

after sitting in there for what seemed like hours, organizing trucks and blocks and playfood and crayons...i came to the realization that i intensely disliked my beloved pinky-peach walls when combined with the new blue-gray sectional. 

i immediately went shopping for gray swatches...then i got to painting.

i discovered some new-to-me flowers in the first few installments of my 2013 fresh flowers campaign: primrose, dianthus, salal, white button chrysanthemum, green trick dianthus, and grevillea.

i prettied our house up some more by hanging these faux butterfly specimens in the upstairs bathroom:

and we added even more pretty with some new lights:
one in the bedroom and two in the kitchen.
...though the second kitchen light still needs to be hung.

lastly, i hung a gentle reminder to treat others with kindness:

our world came to a screeching halt when fish's father unexpectedly passed away. how do you explain how much someone meant to you without sounding generic and clich├ęd??? i'm going to try:

pa was honest, straightforward, hard-working. he gave it to you straight. i loved watching this tough and gruff man get down on the floor and play so gently with his grandchildren. he and ma raised four sons -- each and every one is kind, generous, protective, hard-working, and doting on their families. pa's willingness to help us with whatever he could, with absolutely nothing expected in return, is evidenced throughout this blog. he helped us move six times, for god's sake. i can't look at our backyard without immediately thinking of all the hours he spent helping fish tame it. i'm especially heartbroken that K might not remember what a great man his grandfather was.

i knew pa for almost ten years and it wasn't enough time. i'm mad at myself...disgusted with myself...for not taking K to see his grandparents more often. and i'm devastated i didn't take more pictures of him, especially ones of him with K.

he will be missed.

* mari