Feb 14, 2013

fresh flowers

it's time again for fresh flowers...
(see more fresh flower installments here!)

i decided to bypass all the lovey-dovey red roses and pink carnations...and ended up with a white theme this time. simple. classic.

i decided to switch it up and go to trader joe's for flowers this week. the first time i checked there, i found the selection a bit lacking (though i did score some rather awesome eucalyptus! it lasted for weeks and now that it's finally dried out, it still looks exactly the same as when it was fresh. just very brittle.). this time, i wanted almost everything they had. 

as you can see from the bag above, i couldn't resist the siren call of tulips:

they haven't opened yet, which i figured means they'll last longer...

i need to switch the tulips to another container, but i can't decide if the totally awesome feather vase is too short or too tall...or too narrow, maybe? 

i got the vase at goodwill for pennies...

i love looking up underneath flowers...am i a flower perv???

one $3.99 bunch was enough for two and a half (eh, let's call it three!) bouquets.

now...a pop quiz:
one of these arrangements was put together by entirely by K.
can you tell which one??

i didn't think so. sigh. don't worry, i can't either. i know it's one of the two end bouquets. i can't decide if this means i'm an abysmal flower arranger or if he's got mad skillz.

where did i put all these mums?
glad you asked!

i put one bunch on the entry table:

...another bouquet in the front room:

i love this little rabbit...just hanging out on the edge of the tray...

...and the last mini-bunch is on my gilded bedside table:

wait, why is our bedroom a different color??
more on that in a couple of days...

the final flower i bought was some jasmine:

...okay, you caught me.
jasmine doesn't really count as a fresh flower.

she was an impulse purchase.

sadly, over the past few weeks, i inadvertently killed ALL of our potted plants when i gave them sugar-water. while great for cut stems (to keep them fresher longer), it wiped out our potted plants via Death By Mold.
   shudder. what a horrible way to go.

sooo...our house was feeling extra-barren.

this wonderfully wildflower-y jasmine plant on its little ladder was calling my name.

love those delicate flowers and crazy climbing leaves...

by the way, here's the sugar water recipe i use for fresh flowers only to help their blooms last longer:

yep, using my felix doolittle stationery! love that little crab...

have you brought home any flowers lately?
any you think i should check out?

update: remember those red roses i passed up? fish decided i should have them after all and surprised me with these beauties:

i separated out the baby's breath - i love them all on their own. they make such a daintily pretty bunch, don't they?

* mari


  1. Tulips...sigh. Spring is *almost* here.

    1. ...and running-outside-without-getting-frostbite weather is *almost* here too! :)

  2. You're inspiring me to get some fresh flowers AND I am soooooooooooooo obsessed with that adorable rabbit!!

    1. oooh, i've got a whole rabbit post coming up this week! and you definitely DO need to get some fresh flowers, it's such a small thing that really has added so much to our home. i notice when they've been tossed and i haven't gone out to get more yet - the house feels not as pleasant...


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