Feb 21, 2013

fish is the big 3-0 today!

since i can't show a bunch of adorable pictures of fish over the years, i made a virtual booger cake...er, german chocolate cake instead.

do you think hours in the kitchen or hours in photoshop count more towards love?
i think hours in photoshop, for sure......

fish does so so much, most of it behind-the-scenes, to keep this house running and functional...in addition to working 80+ hours every. single. week. he takes care of the boring stuff...the gross stuff...the hard stuff...and he lets me putter around and do all the fun things.

despite his crazy schedule, he still manages to be an amazing husband and an outstanding father.


* mari


  1. Oh, yes, time on Photoshop is very valuable!! Cakes you can buy, but a handmade Photoshop cake? That's a lotta love!! :)

    And thank you for the new name for a German chocolate cake!! I've always thought it was icky but couldn't put my finger on it...once you said boogers I was all, facepalm - Yes!!!

    I hope you and your sweet family have a lovely time celebrating!! :)

  2. Ha! Booger cake! So fitting. I never ever liked german cakes cause I always thought they looked kind of gross but holy gravy today is Dominic's bday too!! I never knew our hubbies shared birthdays!!

    1. that is incredibly crazy!! your husband is also a fish -- that's why i'm able to accurately predict his reactions! :)


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