Feb 16, 2013

FINALLY painting the master bedroom

after ten months in our first house, i finally got serious about painting the master bedroom. over the past year, i've hemmed and hawed about colors. i've flipped and flopped among navy blue, cobalt blue, gray, lavendar-gray, taupe, white. i've debated adding moulding or panelling.

the problem was...i wasn't really in love with any of my ideas.

i was once again browsing for color inspiration when i came across this picture:


i LOVE that color.

i must have that color.

luckily, the paint information was listed:
benjamin moore newburg green.

i immediately searched for more images to make sure i wasn't falling in love with the paint in this specific lighting or in this specific room style.

it was love at first google.
it reminds me of the oops paint we used on
but more muted.

i've never fallen this hard or this fast for a paint color.

i was so excited, i nearly went out and bought it right then and there. 
...but i figured i should probably consult with fish first.

so i dashed off a quick email and anxiously waited for his reply...


i was at the benjamin moore store five minutes later.
ohhhhhhh yeaaaahhhh.......

i gathered my trusty painting supplies and went. to. town.

by the next day, the space had magically transformed into a dark and moody master bedroom:

my gilded nightstand looks better than ever with the new wall color:

interlude: AAAGGH! my gilded nightstand was featured on an hgtv #lovehome commercial! it started airing in march 2013.

view coming up the stairs, with our bedroom at the end of the hall:

now...we need to work out the missing headboard situation. and get some of our favorite art pieces hung over the bed.

i love the direction we're headed in so far though!

and mr. ben moore does too --
he commented again on my instagram pic!

* mari
Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids


  1. Your new room looks amazing! I am in love with your color choice and the white accents and your gold side table bring it all together. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. The color is gorgeous and I love Benjamin Moore's comment on your Instagram picture.

  3. thank you ashley - we are in love with newburg green, it completely transformed our master!

  4. Okay, I can see why you went gaga over that color! It is gorgeous and I couldn't agree more that your gilded nightstand looks awesome with it! I also love that little lamp. Can't wait to see how the whole room comes together.

    PS. Mr Moore's comment is so cute!

    1. thank you jennifer! yes, i admit i sometimes go into our bedroom, sit, and just absorb the awesomeness of the color, haha! i LOVE it so so much.

  5. This color is a showstopper!! Woooowwwwwwww!!!!!! I wasn't thinking I'd like it as I was reading and scrolling and then BAM there it is and it is stunning!!! Truly stunning!! This one is going into my Future Dreams for When I Don't Rent file for sure!!! :)

    1. thank you laura -- showstopper is the perfect word for it! even though i was the tiniest bit nervous -- i kept reassuring myself i could simply paint over it if i didn't like it -- i'm ecstatic i took the chance on it because i LOVE the mood of the room now...

  6. I love dark walls! And the gilded nightstand is awesome against this color!! Woohoo!


  7. That colour is perfection on your walls! As soon as we buy a house, I'll follow suit. Happy to have found your blog through "my so-called home".

    1. thank you, janelle! i didn't even realize My So-Called Home had featured me, made my day! :) thanks for stopping by crab+fish. :)

  8. You are very talented, Mari! The results look great! The color you chose made the room intimate and cozy. And also, it went well with your bedroom furniture. In other words, it is beautiful!

    Terence Watthens


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