Feb 7, 2013

etsy love: betty bee infinity
(...and a discount for you!)

i adore etsy. it's full of handmade (and vintage!) treasures and i discover new shops and items i love nearly every single day.

for example...
isn't this {mari bow} scarf by betty bee infinity darling??

(( pictured in real deal teal ))

i ordered it a few weeks ago and have worn it almost every single day since receiving it. i love-love-love it! it's comfy-cozy, super-soft...and toasty warm, of course.

plus, it's so cheerful, i can't help but smile when i wear it.


you're not limited to just one style -- the scarf is all kinds of versatile: 
wear it in a bow, wrap it round and round, knot it, twist it...

betty bee has lots of other style options besides the {mari bow}...including kid's scarves! my next order is definitely going to be a neck-warmer for K. kid-sized scarves are surprisingly hard to find.

she has a great range of colors...and if you don't see the color you were hoping for ((unlikely)), betty bee is great at finding it and creating a custom listing for you. i know because i'm one of those pain-in-the-butt customers and that's what i did for both of the scarves i've ordered so far...

so if you're in need of (or in want of!) a scarf,
go check out betty bee infinity!

her prices are already low
(and she has free shipping to boot!)...
but she's offering a discount just for YOU:

enter CRABFISHFRIEND10 until march 1, 2013 for a 10% discount!


* mari

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  1. Thank you for this incredibly thoughtful, amazing showcase of my Etsy shop - Betty Bee Infinity. Your blog is wonderful! Your pictures are beautiful! And you, my friend, are absolutely FABULOUS!!!!
    Much love,
    Betty Bee

    1. aw, thanks for making such wonderfully cute and cozy scarves... :)

  2. Okay both those pictures and the scarf tied in a bow is cute, cute, cute! Of course I love Etsy but I love even more when I actually know people who buy and sell on there too!

    1. thank you! i can't get enough of my bow-tied scarves! :)


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