Feb 25, 2013

crazy rabbit lady...

my grandmother has told me many times in my life that a rabbit in each room of the house is lucky. i blindly believed her. that'll teach me -- trust no one, not even your own grandma! ...or at least MY grandma.

i painstakingly made sure there was a bun somewhere in every room. then, i took pictures...edited the pictures...and sat down to write this rabbity post. i thought i'd better get my facts straight and proceeded to look up the story behind this bunnytale. heh.

...i can't find one darn reference to a house full of bunnies being lucky.
ta-da! i am now a crazy rabbit lady.

luckily, i love rabbits.
so i'm keeping all my little guys.
...would you like to meet them???
(creepy crazy rabbit lady voice)

the first rabbit you see when you walk in the house is a very proud-looking one sitting at the base of our stairs. i found him in target's outdoor clearance section last fall and knew he'd be happy in our bunny commune...er, home.

turn left to freshen up in our powder room and you'll encounter this trio of brass bunnies:
i found them at goodwill and paid less than five dollars for all three.

make your way into the front room to meet this tiny cutie. he measures only about three inches tall and hangs out on a tray. 

i found him -- and a bunch of bunny friends! -- perched on the edge of a flower pot at michael's. it took extreme self-control not to bring the whole herd of them home.

in the kitchen, i repurposed a silver rabbit-themed candleholder (from joss & main)  into a quasi-vase. a vase for a vase.

the sunroom has TWO rabbits!

the first is my new favorite decor item in our house -- i call him mr. buns:
it was just a few weeks ago that i was planning all this...
i love how it's coming together.

the second rabbit in the sunroom was another find from joss & main:
the magnifying glass is a separate piece, which i love because that gives me the option to display it alone if i ever feel the urge to do so. AND...can't you see this bun next christmas, holding a candy cane?? YES. remind me.

taking a quick detour to fish's study-space in the basement...you'll find these two sweet kissing bunnies from a trip fish and i took (pre-K) to rock city, tn many years ago.
i've been a crazy-rabbit-lady in the making for a looong time...

up the stairs to the main floor...then up more stairs to the second floor --

WAIT, don't miss this guy!
he's a christmas ornament i bought at kohl's waaay after christmas for pennies! can you believe this little puppy-eyed rabbit was still there, waiting for someone to buy him?? i saved him.

now upstairs, we come to my crafty workspace, which is always...ALWAYS...a gigantic mess. i figured out the problem: whenever i try to start straightening, a project-in-progress or a sudden idea distracts me and i never finish putting things away.

sooo...let's just peek in the door and see what we can see:
a friend of my mom's made this for me about ten years ago. i remember at the time, i thought the fabric was a little old-lady...but now i love it. sooo...draw your own conclusions from that. also, i just realized K must have been playing with him again. his bow is untied.

across the hall is the bathroom and there you'll find a rabbit ring-holder i bought at bed, bath, & beyond a few years ago:
he sits next to our cotton pad and cotton swabs jars.

in the newly-painted master bedroom...this amazingness is waiting to be hung:

love him -- he looks so striking in the floating frame!

now...i just need to figure out where to put him. arranging a gallery with pieces of assorted sizes and colors and frames is much, much, much more difficult than i realized. 

this is as far i've gotten:

onto K's room! i was intent on finding an adorable bunny print on etsy to frame for his room...but then i stumbled across these rabbits in conversation on -- where else? -- joss & main:
love. they sit on K's windowsill and gab all day long.

whew, i think that's it!

...except for our actual rabbit in the dining room:

he's a grizzled old bun now...eight years old!
he just wants peace and quiet!...so he can stare out the window...

here are some earlier pics with his brother marshmallow, who sadly passed away a few years ago:

and that's our rabbit collection!
...unless dust bunnies count. we've got quite a few of those...

* mari


  1. Your bunny filled home is so lovely!
    I'm so glad that you like your paper-cut! :)

    1. sam, i LOVE my paper-cut jackalope! ...and thank you! :)

  2. Cute post! Love all your bunnies...years ago I had a lady ask me to make her 20 white bunny necklaces...she said the same thing...white bunnies are lucky...I don't believe in luck, but I made them for her anyway...maybe she was from the same generation....Hoppy Spring!

    1. i just now caught the "hoppy" hah! hoppy spring!

      ...and hoppy easter as well! :)

  3. I love all your bunnies - especially the jackolope, with horns!, the ring holder and Cocoa & Marshmallow.
    I collect frogs - partly because I like them and partly because brother also collects them - and spiders. I don't have near as many of either as you do buns.
    I like the idea of 1 in every room; I will work on that!

    1. the only problem is i can't seem to stop buying rabbit stuff now -- even though i don't have any more rooms to add them to. i feel like pavlov's dog now: see a bunny...MUST BUY. haha!

  4. M I love your posts! You're so funny & your style is so unique. Loving watching your house become the O home. Love the bunnies!

  5. This post made me smile. Your bunnies are so adorable. I was thinking that you may start a trend. The Crazy Cat Lady better get out of the way...Bunny Ladies are taking over! I'm still in the dust bunny stage. ;)

    1. oooh, good call betty bee! yes, i'm a trendsetter, *not* a crazy person...or maybe i'm both... :)

  6. Well, it's better than collecting live cats!!! I am cracking up.....there is the whole "rabbit's foot/good luck" theory. Perhaps, grandma got it confused but that is for the better bc I think you would have been really creepy if you just had rabbit's feet in all your rooms!! I adore your little bunnies but I am still IN LOVE with the one that hangs from the tray!!

    1. hah, my brother used to get me a rabbit's foot for christmas every year...until we got an actual rabbit and told him to please stop. it just seemed...wrong...!

      go check out your michael's for the little hanging rabbit! they might have other animals -- although i don't recall seeing any doxies, haha! ((that *would* be cute though......))

  7. I do the same thing with rabbits in my home haha! I've just moved into a larger place so I have a great excuse to expand my collection. I love your rabbit herd! My Jap grandmother used to give me things with rabbits on them because they're supposed to be a symbol of great virtue or something... not sure if that helps or makes things more confusing.

    1. thanks for the info, mariko! it must be a generational thing then -- my grandmother is british. i'm at least glad to know i'm not the ONLY crazy rabbit lady! :) :) ...or maybe we're virtuous rabbit ladies?? YES.


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