Feb 10, 2013

building storage shelves in the basement

*** psst! you can see all of fish's projects here! ***

in a process driven mostly by fish, we are trying to whip our basement into shape. he's the one that put "basement" on our list of must-haves back when we were house-hunting. at the time, i didn't care one way or the other if we had one...but now that i see firsthand how much extra glorious storage it provides, i'm very very glad fish insisted on having a basement.

there are several separate large storage areas in our basement: the "lobby" ((which i'm waaay too embarrassed to show you any pictures of in its current state)) and its closet, the under-stairs "harry potter room" ((which is now empty and blocked by our giant christmas tree)), and the furnace room.

here was the furnace room during home inspection:

as you can see, we didn't really know what the space looked like since there was so much STUFF in it.

after we moved in, the furnace room sat empty for a bit. but when fish cleaned out the garage to make room for his car, this room became storage for our paints and strollers. odd combination, i know...

since i can't afford a fancy wide-angle lens, here's a stitched together fun-house version of a panoramic view of the room:

who knew i had so much paint??
i think fish suspected...

the shelves were sagging under the weight of all the cans:

we plan to move all the paint to the harry potter closet.

<><><> DAY 1 <><><>

once the room was cleared of all the paint and strollers, fish got to work knocking down the old shelves, leaving...

...a dungeon.


he took some measurements, did some calculations:

...then purchased about a hundred dollars worth of lumber at the hardware store.

<><><> DAY 2 <><><>
time for the construction phase!

doesn't his shadow look menacing??
dungeon, i tell you!

fish had the first portion done in just a few hours:

we wanted shelves deep enough to accommodate lengthwise measurements of the paper boxes we find so handy for storage.

once he was in the swing of things, fish was able to get the second portion done in about an hour: look at all that available organizing space!!

if you noticed, we're still on day two, when construction began. building all of this glorious new storage took fish less than a day!

i'm going to have way more fun than is normal getting these shelves loaded up.

* mari


  1. Oh we could soooo use some shelves like this in our dungeon of a basement as well!There were a few wood shelves from the previous owner and we were stil running out of space ( I also have a paint can problem!)so we bought some Gorilla shelves and can you believe we still could use more shelves??? How did we ever manage to live in an apartment?? Anways, you are going to love all the extra & organized space!

    1. haha, i'm pretty sure we could probably pool our paint supplies and have every color of the rainbow!


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