Feb 2, 2013

a dino-riffic valentine's day
{FREE treat bag tags}

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valentine's day is almost here!

when i consulted K on what kind of v-day cards he'd like to bring to school...he gave me a blank stare. being the persistent mo-fo i am, i tried again, this time laying out some options:


he perked up..."dinosaurs!"
then, he clarified: "happy dinosaurs."

okay! happy dinosaurs it is.

i set about sketching out some dino v-day cards.
see the smile?? HAPPY. 

i then decided to turn the cards into treat bag toppers for some totally rad plastic dinosaur toys
p.s. these seem to go up and down in price on amazon...fyi i paid $6/dozen.

if your little one ((...or you...)) is into dinosaurs too,
i'm offering up my dino tags FOR FREE.
i erased my son's name ((of course)) but left the space
so you can write in your child's name.

click here to download your free dino treat bag toppers!

...oh, and if you ((or your three-year-old)) happen to be a dinosaur expert...i am hanging my head in shame: the tricera-TOPS tag features a stegosaurus. oops.
   luckily, these are free so that kind of makes up for my mistake. i hope.

to use: print the tags on 8.5 x 11" cardstock at 100% scale. cut along the lines. fold each card in half. staple onto 4" wide (already-filled) treat bags.
   ...then send me a picture or tag me on instagram (@meandering_mari). i'd love to see your version!
p.s. i found my 4" wide treat bags at michael's, in the section with all the icing tips and cute-shaped baking pans. there are also plenty on etsy.

a tip: do not buy glittery tulle to make your bags more festive unless you want your crafting area to look like it has been attacked by glitter-fairies.

another tip: dinosaurs wrapped in red tulle kind of looks like a bloodbath. just sayin'...maybe don't get red tulle...


here are some other valentine diy projects you might like! :)

* mari


  1. This might be my favorite post to date! I love hearing about Lil' A (I miss him so!) and your last two "tips" are amazing!

  2. Thanks Robyn!! I still need to do something with the pineapple notecard -- our entry table is a mess design-wise right now... :)

  3. Super cute! I would have probably mixed up all of my dinos and their names so ack wouldn't worry about it!! Great minds think alike! I just finished a dinosaur themed Valentine gift for my nephew that I plan on sharing soon;)

    1. thanks jennifer! i'm trying to determine if the great minds are US........or these little dino-obsessed boys! haha...

    2. p.s. i can't wait to see your dino project!


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